LED lamp Optolyuks E-27 in the network Eldorado

 Photo source:rusnanonet.ru

The first domestic LED lamp "Optolyuks E-27" of "OptoGaN" went on sale in the shops of home appliances "Eldorado" in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now visitors of the largest retail network in Europe can, in practice, to evaluate energy-efficient LED lights to replace the obsolete incandescent lamp. Price lamp — 999 p.

Lamp "Optolyuks E-27" consumes 80% less energy than older light sources: the power consumption at 11 watts, it is meant to replace the incandescent lamp 60W. The service life of the LED lamp "OptoGaN" is 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 6 years of continuous burning. Unlike mercury fluorescent lamps "Optolyuks E-27" does not require special disposal. It also is not affected by changes in voltage in networks, so the frequent switching on and off does not affect the service life of the lamp. Design "Optolyuks E-27" and its packaging is made in conjunction with Studio Lebedev. Lamp "OptoGaN" is significantly cheaper than their foreign counterparts, while fully complies with all the Russian norms and standards.

Currently, the share of LED light sources in the Russian market is of the order of 5-6%. Experts estimate that by 2015, the proportion of light-emitting diodes in the domestic market will exceed 25%. Today, strong growth in the LED market is provided by industrial and administrative office sector, but in 2013 is expected to boom in sales in the retail sector due to increased production and reduced-price currently the most common type of lamp socket E-27.

Release of LED lamps "OptoGaN" on sale in the largest retail network in Europe is a planned step to strengthen the company’s position in the mass consumer market of LED light sources.

About the company: "OptoGaN"

The company "OptoGaN" — one of the few companies in the world with a complete production cycle on the basis of solid-state lighting sources — from growing semiconductor crystals and ending of intelligent lighting systems. Optogan company was founded in 2004 in Helsinki Maxim Odnoblyudovym, Vladislav and Alexey Bugrov Bucket — release-workers Physico-Technical Institute. AF Joffe, students Nobel laureate Jaures Alferov.
Technologies and production processes of the company by its numerous Russian and international patents.
The LEDs of "OptoGaN" produced at a plant in St. Petersburg, used in lighting technology, vehicle structure, medicine, consumer electronics and other industries. The company aims to meet the growing domestic demand for LEDs and LED technology, as well as on the promotion of energy efficient lighting solutions in the European market.
The company "OptoGaN" is part of the NP MSS (Non-Commercial Partnership LED manufacturers and systems based on them) — Russia’s only professional association in the LED industry.
The shareholders of the company: ONEXIM, "RUSNANO", JSC "RIC", the founders of the company

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