LED lamp SvetaLED available in retail stores

The first batch of LED lamps SvetaLED ® fully Russian-made retail sale of federal network Auchan in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


According to power light bulbs SvetaLED ® with E27 base with suitable 60W and 40W, and consumes only 6 watts and 8 watts respectively. Light bulbs and fixtures SvetaLED ® are resistant to voltage drops, vibration, low temperatures, frequent switching on and off. In this case, their main advantage — they do not harm health and the environment and lead to the light, as close to natural sunlight.

The use of LED lamps SvetaLED ® saves the consumer up to 85% of the electricity used for lighting. In addition, LED light sources do not require constant replacement and disposal of special unlike saving fluorescent lamps. This will cover the costs for the purchase of lamps SvetaLED ® for a year or two.

The unique technology of the lamp SvetaLED ®, protected by three patents, is based on three components:

  • efficient multi-chip LED SVETLED ®,
  • reliable and long-life food
  • high quality hardware components.


This provides an unprecedented long product life — 100,000 hours.

Manufacturer of products "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" the world’s first LED light bulb provided by a warranty of 10 years. 

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