LED lighting of retail space on the TM Fireled

Dear Partners!

We want to introduce you to the already implemented by "Ventaus" projects LED lighting business premises.

We trusted retailers such as «ECCO», «Pan Suitcase", "Jeans Holding", supermarkets baby goods "Academy", as well as local jewelry stores and beauty salons. In each case, the project was designed, thought out the details, the most successful proposals were evaluated our expertise to the task.

It should be noted that often the owners of the trading rooms are limited in the consumption of electricity in connection with it are not able to qualitatively illuminate the room, using traditional light sources (incandescent, mercury, sodium and metal halide lamps). Accordingly, there is a need for the application of modern technologies, allowing for low cost electricity to receive a lighted room, as well as significantly increase the level of comfort in the store.

The lighting in sales areas plays a very important role in the buyer’s decision to buy or not a particular product. Creating a friendly atmosphere subconsciously adjusts the buyer to purchase goods, and helps him to better navigate. The item should be shown in a positive light, drawing attention to themselves.
At present, the world is carried out energy-saving policy, based on the efficient use of energy resources. For companies with a retail floor, the highlight of the energy savings, has been the introduction of LED lighting fixtures. LED lights are more reliable than traditional ones, they can be used in places where their service is problematic. LED-lights have a long life, in addition, they can significantly reduce energy consumption, which is particularly important for lighting large commercial halls and rooms.

However, long service life and low power consumption — it’s not all the benefits of LED lights TM Fireled. In covering the sales area is important not to change the color of artificial light products. Such requirements are particularly relevant for furniture, jewelry shops, boutiques, clothing and footwear, beauty salons, etc. This task can easily handle LED lighting TM Fireled, since it is they have a color rendering index greater than 80-85Ra, ie visual products will be the same color under natural light and indoor lighting with LED lights.

One of our first projects was led lighting network of modern boutiques, specializing in accessories premium —"Pan Chamodan",
located in the cities of Moscow, Penza, Irkutsk, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.

The main objective was to keep the sales floor space, eliminate any inconvenience to the free movement of visitors, highlighting the most efficient trading room. Another challenge was to limit the power allocated to the retail market. Based on the objectives, the experts’ Ventaus "for this project used the built in (inset) lights: FLED-DL 00323, FLED-DL 00544, FLED-DL 00623R. Due to their small size, stylish design and low power consumption, we have managed to create quite an attractive and cost-effective project, and the problem was solved. 

The next project was the Moscow network of shops "ECCO"Selling shoes collections of European quality for your active lifestyle.

When illuminated display cabinets in the sales area has the greatest significance focus light on exhibit, as well as just how bright it lit. This window serves two purposes — this advertising medium, and a good marketing move, which can significantly raise the level of sales. According to our experts for these tasks are best track LED lights. Currently in this range, we offer three models:FLED-TL 06122 (Feline) FLED-TL 06420 (Tyson 20) and FLED-TL 06428 (Tyson 28), which were used for chain stores «ECCO»: window lighting with LED fixtures Tyson, shelving and lighting fixture owl.

Track lighting can draw the customer’s attention on the positive aspects of a commodity, to emphasize its advantages. The most significant advantages of these devices LED lighting include:

  • ability to provide directional light to the desired item or piece of furniture;
  • free regulation of the location of track lights along the length of the trunking (track);
  • rotatable track light in two directions;
  • choice of height to the fixture;
  • ease of use and installation.

That is why the most popular track LED lights used in shops class Premium, boutiques and cafes.

In addition to the basic tasks of a competent lighting and power reduction and the problem was solved heat dissipation. The use of lighting TM Fireled possible to reduce the heat from lighting a factor of 2: the temperature in the room to 28 degrees, was reduced to 23 °. Another fundamental to the installation of LED lights in them was the absence of UV — radiation, which inevitably leads to burnout illuminated objects, in this case, the colors of shoes. In luminaires TM Fireled UV — radiation is absent, the color was not injured,The customer satisfied!

The sales areas of "Jeans Holding" are an example of modern design in the style of Hi-tek. Before our experts had the task of maintaining the style and by the use of no less stylish Track lights. For chain stores "Jeans Holding" we proposed a project to highlight the sales floor, racks and shelves. Given the specificity of jeans store, it was necessary to create a proposal with the most uniform arrangement of lighting fixtures throughout its area. The fact that the coverage of significant impact on the movement of visitors on the trading room, as well as the convenience of choosing and comparing colors fabric colors — was fundamental in the creation of the final decision.

For the main hall lighting fixtures were used FLED-TL 06244And the concentrated light racks and shelves — lightFLED-TL 06122 (Owl).

Proper lighting design showcases, racks, shelves, "smart" lighting shop floor — transformed the commercial premises, which in turn attracted new buyers.


One of the most important projects for us was the lighting project supermarkets baby goods "The Academy" Indeed, the main customers of these supermarkets are children, and in this case it is not only low power consumption, color retention product, its favorable light, but the light level.

The fact that the installation of shelves and shelves luminance level is reduced by about 30-40%. This is not only because the equipment is a natural barrier to light, but it also reflects the light of a different, often causing decrease the desired level.

In addition to obtaining the required level of illumination, we have taken into account the psychological aspects of lighting, which is characterized by two factors:

  • light intensity (light level);
  • color temperature of light.

With the high level of general lighting people, and the more a child feels holiday, a burst of energy and improved mood.

Therefore, based on the goals and strategies of the "Academy", we are using the track lightsFLED-TL 06122 (Feline), have created the light level in a comfortable and safe limit 500-1500 Lux.

The next project that we wanted to tell was the jeweler "Jewelry Camp — Style».

Lighting jewelry departments — a complex and interesting task. If we generalize the rules by which to illuminate the precious metals, it will look something like this:
Platinum is needed to illuminate a soft light;
silver — cool colors lighting;
Gold — a warm, iridescent light;
diamonds — bright, sparkling light with a variety of light sources. 

The jewelry business has special lighting requirements. After all, the products that offer buyers the jewelry stores, special, high status. Therefore, the light in the jewelry store can not be poor, cheap, carelessly executed. Bright glitter of gems and glitter of precious metals require a special approach to lighting. Decorations should shine, basking in the bright light, but their luster should not blind man eyes. Jewelry is not chosen in a hurry, so it is important for the buyer to create the most comfortable conditions. The light should be bright enough that the person had the opportunity to examine in detail each product, but the store must "reign", a soft, pleasing light.

Ideal decoration shop selling jewelry — is a simple elegant interior in the style of "high-tech" and bathed in bright, cold light. All buyers’ attention should be focused on the home decorating store — gold, silver and jewels, placed on its shelves.

The best light for jewelry shop — this is a cold light, color temperature, which is in the range 5000-6000 K. For the illumination of jewelry is perfect directional cold light track lightFLED-TL 06420 (Tyson), which has proven itself in this capacity. He stressed the beneficial jewelry, especially diamond products, which certainly helped increase the volume of sales of jewelry. The company "Ventaus" took part in another project, it’s lighting fast food chain — "KFC. "

The main challenge facing our experts, was to create a uniform glow LED lighting throughout the plane, no flicker, and the presence of warm white color, giving a cozy atmosphere for dining halls. The use of matrix LED ceiling lightsFLED-PL 02140M(The Matrix) Armstrong possible to implement a series of beautiful, modern and at the same time saving lighting.

One of the main advantages of this lamp stands uniform light output without adverse to human vision pulsations. High quality lighting is characterized by excellent color rendering indices. In his work FLED-PL 02140M(The Matrix) demonstrates exceptional reliability and energy efficiency. Solid working resource is designed for years of use. An important advantage of this lamp is a lack of heat during operation, which reduces the load on the air conditioning and ventilation, which is very important for the catering facilities. The presence of a special filter prevents glare and provides a favorable background light to the eyes.

Ahead of the company "Ventaus" waiting for more and more new projects, which we will tell to our site!

We invite you to cooperate construction organization, planning and design agencies, owners of large supermarkets and small boutiques.

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