LED lights Largo

Presented by "The light" in early 2012 modern LED lighting, "Largo" passed all certification tests in accredited laboratories and received a certificate of conformity GOST R

A new series of "Largo" includes several models of lighting fixtures that can be used for general lighting in a variety of applications. All lamps are made in buildings with a modern attractive design.

Basic models of lighting fixtures — three, they differ in size and optical performance. Other models in the series "Largo" — extension of the basic models with additional options.

"Largo" in 1200 IP54 — 5000 lumens, 55 watts, 1200h87h65 mm.

"Largo" 600 IP54 — 2500 lumens, 27 watts, 600h87h65 mm.

"Largo" 300 IP54 — 1200 lumens, 14 watts, 300h87h65 mm.

First of all, spotlights "Largo" are intended for illumination of public and administrative offices, shopping and exhibition halls, but the scope of the models of lighting fixtures can be very diverse. For example, the entry-level "Largo" 300 is an analogue of the fixture with a 100 watt incandescent lamp and can be successfully applied in the housing and communal services. A two installed together Lamp "Largo" 1200, with a total luminous flux of more than 10,000 lumens — an acceptable solution for the lighting industry, especially given the reasonable prices for the whole range of "Largo".

A variety of mounting options further enhance the possibility of using lamps "Largo". Multiple fixtures can be mounted on the ceiling singly or in one continuous line, and the power cord is routed inside the luminaire housing. Another option — installed hanging on a thin chain, can be used both for general and for local lighting. Fixtures "Largo" can be installed on the wall bracket or swivel bracket for façade illumination.

The basic model is performed with good protection against external influences — IP54, which can optionally be improved for outdoor use with a degree of IP67.

A number of additional options to diversify the use of lights "Largo". Older models can be constructed with a battery-buffered. In case of a power outage, these lamps have worked for a few hours in the emergency lighting with reduced light output. In addition, for a younger model "Largo" 300 provides the option of working with household dimmers (thyristor dimmer). The older models of the same, "Largo" in 1200 and "Largo" 600 may have an extension to work with control systems analog interface 0 .. 10V (ANSI E1.3: 2001) — Management of the light level is proportional to the DC control voltage between 0 to 10 V.  

Series of modern lighting fixtures "Largo" offers quality and safety lighting, attractive appearance, a variety of options for the application, a wide range of options, ease of installation, durability and reasonable prices!

For more information about the lamps are available in the online store "light guide", the partners in all regions of Russia, as well as in retail outlets lighting equipment.  

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