Ledovskih astrologer predicted the transfer of the capital to Bologoe




Renowned astrologer Valery Ledovskih worked in the Institute of normal human physiology as long as the institution has sent him to study human biorhythms. One PhD understood that the basis of human biorhythms astrology is the most interesting of the sciences and of the scientist turned into a conventional predictors. Tuesday Ledovskih decided to share with journalists forecasts for 2004. However, nothing new, he did not disclose.

The most dramatic foreshadowing of stars, as the Ledovskih, was that Kasyanov had to take off a year ago. However, for unknown reasons, the astrologer Russian president still has not taken such a step. In this respect, more obedient stars Yeltsin was that "even sick on schedule." The current president is also very closed to the stellar predictions: "Astrology does not work when a man so secretive."

No doubt the only predictor of Putin's victory in the presidential election — his card is still very strong. The positive features of the president astrologer took hold and the ability to resolve conflicts, and to negative — a dislike to the new.

The stars will push it to the dictatorship, and the struggle against the oligarchs anyway lead to the fact that the president will get a lot of power. If you believe the stars, Putin will create a force, but not a police state.

Watching the stars, Ledovskih advises many, especially the oligarchs, to be closer to power. Ideally, they would be fine ministers, the astrologer. In the meantime, they had better learn to find common ground with the government, which does not know how to do, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but manages to Roman Abramovich. The best prime minister for Putin and Russia, said Ledovskih, would Yuri Luzhkov. The astrologer was unable to say how long will the head of Moscow Luzhkov. The predictions in this regard have been rather vague: "While not spoil relations with the president." Not know the exact time of the birth of the mayor of Moscow, and it is crucial to predict. As for the capital, according to the stars, it would have to reschedule. But not to Peter, but Bologoe.

If the star had rolled Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky that promise star runner in the presidential race and the huge success of campaigns in the nation. But Chubais meddle in politics is not: he had problems with the Moon, but it is something and is responsible for the people's love. Maybe that's why the Russians can never forgive him for vouchers. "If anyone wants to lose, we must take the team Chubais — as a politician, he always will be negative," — says Ledovskih. As to the Democrats — Nemtsov had great promise and great horoscope, which he did not use. But Irina Khakamada star advised to stay closer to power.

Due to the lack of accurate information in the press about the birth of the leaders of Chechen militants astrologer could not give a forecast of developments in Chechnya, but agreed that during the seven years of terrorism will remain a major issue for the Russians and their foreign fellow citizens. Salvation, he says, should be sought in the dialogue with orthodox religions.

As to the common people, in the next two years, they will pay 100 percent for utilities. But they will not get any natural disasters, well, except that relating to water or oil.

Does not please us, and next-door neighbors. The big problem will arise at Kuchma: "It's time to leave, a rare case of dislike people. And Lukashenka could be a great minister, a post he needs lower." And our American friends are not going smoothly: the end of the year is expected influx of dirt on Bush, the whole year it will torment the Senate and Congress, which could prevent him from unleashing a new war "for democracy." Also in August — a critical time for the dollar. However, we can not say whether there will come bucks for a default, because the time of his birth is also unknown.

Until now, the forecast for to Valery Ledovskih not come none of the major politicians. "It's a pity — says astrologer. — This could significantly enhance the prestige of astrology in society. Better for most of astrology would be if it was seriously engaged in at least one of the Russian president."
Olga Timofeeva

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