Legal aerial reconnaissance aircraft TU-214ON successfully flight tested

The first aircraft, specially equipped for the international program "Open Skies", Tu-214ON successfully passed flight tests, the press-service of JSC "Kazan Aviation Production Association named. Gorbunov" on Wednesday.

"Flight tests have been successfully completed. A total of 24 flights performed. All flights performed by test pilots of" Tupolev. "Who Tu-214ON is preparing for the certification test, which is scheduled to begin early next year", — the report says .

In June this year the plane made its first flight.

Production of the Tu-214ON is of "KAPO. Gorbunov" by request of "Radio Engineering Corporation" Vega. "This modification of aircraft design bureau developed by JSC" Tupolev ".

In August, as part of the air show MAKS-2011 CEO — Chief Designer of concern "Vega" Vladimir Verba said that the second aircraft for the international program "Open Skies" will be built by the end of 2012. At present, it is also assembled on the CAPO.

Tu-214ON designed for inspection flights within the Open Skies Treaty. The aircraft is equipped for aerial devices and allows air to get acquainted with the military infrastructure of other countries and to track changes in order to maintain peace.

The Open Skies Treaty was adopted 24 March 1992 in Helsinki 27th states — participants of the OSCE. In Russia, the treaty was ratified in May 2001. Now the countries — participants of the contract 34.

The Tu-liners 214ON replace the Tu-154 and An-30, which are now carried out inspection flights, solving important national problems.

JSC "Kazan Aviation Production Association named after SP Gorbunov" — the unique aircraft manufacturing complex, created as the Kazan aviation plant in 1927, mastered and released in that time 34 types and modifications of aircraft totaling more than 22 million units. In the spring of 2008 ended with the corporatization of the enterprise. Since October 2009, 100% of the shares belong to the CAPO United Aircraft Corporation.

At present, the plant is mass production, maintenance of passenger aircraft Tu-214 and modifications, construction, repair and modernization of strategic bombers Tu-160, is being prepared for the production of short-haul aircraft Tu-334. CAPO executes an order for the Tu-214 special forces to manage the affairs of the Russian president.

Today CAPO — the only company in Russia, which is capable of producing strategic bombers Tu-160, which is determined by the need for military defense doctrine of the Russian Federation.

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