Lenenergo launched a simulator for air traffic controllers

"Lenenergo" has commissioned a simulator for operational switching to electric networks "Modus". Special software allows you to simulate any situation at energy facilities, conduct training and examinations for the operational staff of the company.


The program of "Modus" is electronic models 15 substations of JSC "Lenenergo": the scheme of energy source, the location of switchgear, relay protection systems and remote control. The simulator allows you to run a variety of training scenarios: Turn off the transformer, power lines, transfer loads. The program keeps track of how the student performs an action and after training or exam assesses activities specialist. The simulator is used in all branches of the company. The program is set to 30 jobs, and experts dispatching service areas of electrical networks were trained to work with it. "Training Managers," Lenenergo "as close as possible to the real situation. The task of the operating staff to carry out all change quickly, correctly and in compliance with all safety rules and regulations. Regular training and examination of experts to help maintain the high qualifications th and in the real situation is much faster, "- said the deputy head of the network control center" Lenenergo "Michael Vaska. Recall that in September 2012, "Lenenergo" has completed the modernization of the network control center in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Energy established a modern instrument panel based on 33 large-format display cubes Mitsubishi, and significantly upgraded the system of information processing and communication. The modern equipment and innovative solutions possible, "Lenenergo" to reach a new level of control of electrical networks in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

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