Leningrad factory of concrete products has commissioned a second production line

October 20, 2011 ended the event for the launch of a second production line for the production of concrete products, which will increase the total production volume by 60%.

An estimated CEO Shore D. next year the plant will be able to enter the top five leading companies in the production of vibropresovannyh products. "Today," Leningrad factory of concrete products "offers a personal approach by offering discounts and optimization of transport costs, — says Dmitry Coast — and increase the volume of production will enable us to carry out even more interesting pricing program. Launch a second line will allow us to expand the range of products. "

"Leningrad factory of concrete products‘ supplies vibrocompressed products not only in St. Petersburg and the region, but also in the Republic of Karelia, Pskov and Novgorod regions.

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