Leningrad NPP special building solid radioactive waste prepared for delivery

Construction Corps (2009)

Experts holding "TITAN-2" finished a full range of construction, installation, wiring and commissioning of special building for processing of solid radioactive waste (SRW) complex of radioactive waste (RW) Leningrad NPP. Now specialists are only a test under load oven latest special building systems — combustion system.

Recall that tests other special systems of the complex — sorting, transportation and compression — have been under the control of the company, a supplier of equipment Nukem Technologies GmbH in 2009. Previously been performed by specialists holding a full cycle of works on the construction of its buildings, installation, wiring and commissioning of all equipment.



Complex processing and storage of radioactive waste SELA being built for "Rosenergoatom". General contractor is holding "Titan-2". Principal purpose of the special building for the storage and processing of solid radioactive waste — ensuring the current level of processing of low and intermediate level solid radioactive waste, which will reduce their volume, will allow more efficient use of storage of solid and will create the necessary long-term storage of waste barriers with the possibility of removing them from storage and export to regional burial.

In general, in 2011 during the construction of the complex RAO Leningrad NPP organization holding "Titan-2" completed all planned construction, installation and commissioning of a total of 460 million rubles.

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