Leningrad region needs 80,000 workers

47 The governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko said about the lack of manpower and reported that the average salary in the area29,000 rubles, and by the end of the year it will increase to 31 000 rubles.

On the economic development of the regions Weather ranked 6th in Russia, and to attract investment — 2nd place, so here are settling cities and the construction of new homes and apartments.

According to the governor, the main point of growth in the area is the sea port of Ust-Luga, there is created an industrial zone, in the same city will be built for the workers.

One-fifth of all jobs in the area is accounted for by the manufacturing sector. Since the beginning of 2012 in these enterprises was submitted almost 14,000 jobs. The shortage in the construction industry — 7,000 people. In agriculture, the required 5,000 workers. 4,000 workers needed for transport and communication. In the health and social services — 4.6 thousand jobs in education — 4,1 thousand.

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