Lenticular cloud over New Hampshire



Lenticular cloud over New Hampshire

03.12.03, the


Explanation: Why is it so strange cloud look like? In fact, in the photo you can see a few clouds, which together appear as a lenticular cloud. The movement of air masses generally occurs in a horizontal direction. Sometimes — for example, if the wind is blowing from the mountains or hills — in the air can cause waves that propagate vertically. What happens if the relative humidity at the same time close to 100%? Where as a result of pressure fluctuations increased temperature, condensation occurs. But the air is a little cool — and formed a cloud — or rather, one of its layers, because the vacuum and compression wave — and, hence, the cooling-heating the air — occur periodically. The result is a lenticular cloud with a pronounced layered structure. Photograph was taken in 1999 in g.Plimute (New Hampshire, United States). The same cloud looked even more mysterious with a distance of 30 kilometers.




















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