Letters from the Future




A few years ago, a young engineer Dmitry Peterburzhskiy, recently graduated from college and electronics engineer turned-collector computers, received an e-mail message from a strange "on September 10 in a / p" Pulkovo "at 22.50 to meet a girl by the name of (the name followed ). Photo attached. Then he'll thank me. MAE ".

It was only the second of September, at Dimitri's grandfather had two — one in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow, so he is not particularly surprised by this message. Then printed in black and white portrait of an unknown girl with the electron telegram, Dmitry put it in the case together with the other documents, and on the calendar, please mark. But after a while he took photos again and stared at the picture for a long time. None of his friends did not look like a girl, but something about her was so that made it a few more times during the day to get her picture out of the case. In the fifth or sixth time he was funny, he is engaged in such foolishness, and he decided to print it again, but e-mail message from your computer disappeared, though retains all previous and future. In any case, Keyword — surnames girls — he dug a "memory" deeper, but it was empty.

Because he was not an expert in computers, then decided to explore the matter with the "masters", he has done the same procedure with the scanner. Secretly glad that wiped the "electronic nose" iron box, he put his portrait on a table under glass.

9 September came another telegram from Moscow from a relative, who asked to meet him at the airport. This time the telegram was normal, except that the request puzzled him: the aircraft relative flew for two hours before the plane unknown girl. If he take him home, he may not be able to turn around at the current traffic on the roads. By adopting a Solomonic decision that he would take only relative to the subway, to explain the situation, and immediately returns, Dmitry has got bought on the occasion of an old "Zhiguli" and went to the airport.

Weather in St. Petersburg and Moscow was clearly a non-flying and he was not particularly surprised that the flight of your specific flight from Moscow delayed by an hour or two. As a result, when a broadcast reported that the plane had arrived from Moscow at 22.50, Dmitry was relieved that a relative of the girl and come to the same flight.

Among climbs the escalator passengers with luggage girl he knew at once — too long regarded her portrait.

— Zoe! — Not very confident he called her by her name, she looked up in surprise at him, but went up to him.

— You Zoya Melnikova? — Just in case, he said. — I asked you to meet.

— Who asked you? — Surprised girl.

— One of my relatives in Moscow. Let's just wait a little bit here, on the same voyage to arrive another relative of mine. But soon dried up the flow of passengers, but the relative did not appear. After seeing the room, Dima and the girl went to his car.
— It's great that you have a car! — Happy girl — and that the local taxi drivers are quite brazen, drive to the city of scholarships is not enough, Well, after all, who asked you to meet me?

In the car, pulled out of the case Dmitry listing. The girl read it in amazement and started to find out the name of his grandfather.

— Strangely, I do not know such a person! And there was further in the text — it is you seem to be circumcised?

Dmitry embarrassed, but told the last phrase was bewildered Zoe.

— Strange — once again she repeated — when you got it?

Hearing the answer, she widened her eyes — but this can not be! After all, I just received a telegram sixth number that my best friend was in the hospital and immediately took off. And as your grandfather could not know when I will fly back and, moreover, that the flight was detained for two hours! Let's first take a'll pick you, you show me the entire text of the letter and try to understand this incredible story!

While she drank coffee and considered the print letters, Dmitri called to Moscow. The response was discouraging: no letter about some girl, the more e-mail, his grandfather did not send! Only then it dawned on him, and he slammed his fist on his forehead:

— My mind could not come, it's just my initials: Dmitry E. Deacons! I'm at school in the wall newspaper so signed, and then the guys started calling me a "grandfather"! It turns out that I myself have sent this letter!

Let us until this point (at least in this story ended quite safely) and go back to Moscow.

Moscow poet Nikolai Somov, who came looking for a night of electronic mail, short message read: "Money in the bank is not on luggage! Hide the home, an aunt, bury in the ground, but not in the bank and the signature of Nick. Catfish. "

Indeed, on this day, Nicholas safely over a good deal: it sold expensive inherited apartment. But decided that it was some kind of joke and put the money to the account of, as intended, in one of the seemingly safest banks. This happened on Friday, July 31, 1998. And then came the default.

After the collapse of the bank Somov carefully examined with a warning message. But at the date of dispatch stood on August 31! However, the recipient is not able to track down.

Eugene Dubinin, a doctor from Belgorod, got an e-mail bid not to go anywhere for a week in his brand new "Eye." It was signed: E. Dubinin. By taking the message of the rally, the doctor sat in the car, and at the crossroads of the old crashed into it, but very strong, "Victory", so that the repair cost in a lump sum. Again, the return address was non-existent.

Warsaw taxi driver Jerzy Kowalski likewise received a letter signed his own name to the Council immediately to insure your home. Unlike many others who received such letters, he listened to the advice and for good reason: because of the fire at the neighbors and suffered his apartment, but insurance is all reimbursed.

At the beginning of the last century, Entry phone did not exist, but there was extensive telegraph network connecting all the continents and countries. Known historical fact that at least 18 potential passengers of "Titanic" in advance of the flight and refused to pass the tickets. When investigating this major catastrophe transpired curious things: five of tickets passed heeded the warning, or rather the apprehension of their friends and loved ones, one received a warning call, and the rest — by telegraph. But these eighteen, among whom was the famous American millionaire JP Morgan, have heeded the warning and survived. But, as it turned out, received by telegraph warnings about the disaster was much more, but other correspondents have not listened to them.

A classic example of such stories — a case with the billionaire Vanderbilt, which is about the same time was going to go to Europe on a luxury liner "Luizitaniya." When he came on board, a messenger brought him an urgent telegram: "Immediately cancel the flight! From reliable sources that the "Luizitaniya" will be torpedoed. " Billionaire grand gesture brushed the telegram into the hands of reporters around him, and just as majestically followed in his cabin. In the evening the strange telegram was published, and later the ship was sent to the bottom by a torpedo fired from a German submarine. Upon further investigation, it became clear that no order to torpedo "Luizitaniyu" the commander of the submarine was not, and he did not even know on what ship he produced the fatal torpedo.

In my archives, there are dozens of posts from people who have received a warning about the risks they face in an implicit form, for example, during the war, the bombing of Moscow one person along with dozens of random passengers from the tram stopped, took refuge from the fragments of anti-aircraft guns under heavy concrete canopy at the entrance to the Institute . But then some force compelled him to leave it seems to be a safe haven to run across the street and into the driveway of another house. On concrete canopy fell powerful bomb.

A second similar case occurred quite recently. The woman was going to get out in the usual way from the hall station right on Haymarket Square. But it suddenly occurred some "brain fog", she went along with the crowd at the passage leading to another station, lost time, overcame a few stairs to get out, in the end, almost in the same location of the underpass. But during this time the concrete apron Metro had to collapse on him people were under.

In a religious person there is a simple explanation for all such cases: it is our guardian angel to warn us of impending danger. But why, then, this is the angel, which according to Christian ideas have each person did not warn those of others, which collapsed this visor: Where are guardian angels watching those 500-600 people killed (plus 5000-6000 victims), becoming the annual victims of Petersburg Road Moloch? But among the victims, and little children, and the faithful, and even monks! And why did not the Almighty God, neither the angels did not intervene in the actions of the pilots, planes collided over Germany as the main victims of the disaster were fifty innocent children?

However, if a person is willing to believe in fairy tales, two thousand years ago, is his own business and to enter into a discussion with him is useless. But the final result is quite typical case. At the end of the eighteenth century to the wealthy residents of French Provence terrified robber nicknamed Henri-Lucky. And lucky it was named for good reason: it is a sixth sense for many years avoided the ambush that he arranged the soldiers and gendarmes.

One day, slipping away from the next raid, gang Henri captured on two carriages drove more than 60 miles and decided, looking at the night, go to a roadside tavern. But Henry is prohibited. Do not allow it and stay the night in a nearby abandoned barn. Disgruntled companions spent the night in the forest, right in the carriage, and the next morning they scout, who visited the tavern, said plainclothes policemen there, and the stables are located two dozen soldiers.

But being a man of faith, Henri-Lucky decided one day to repent for sins committed, to this end, went to the church away from the location of his gang, leaving his men to make sure that the monks did not send anyone for the gendarmes, he decided to confess his past deeds. The priest, after hearing his confession, he explained that he was taking it because it's the devil whispers to him.

Henry repented and promised to no longer listen to the devil, but not for long hunger — not my aunt and I had to go back to my old life. Then one day, once in the next ambush, and he heard another devilish hint, he decided not to listen to her and with her neck headed straight to the opposite side, landed in the hands of hunters. In the end, he had to end his life on the gallows.

However, an attempt to give a scientific explanation of the phenomena described above does not look better. NASA employee Dave Newman put forward the hypothesis that these warnings come from some parallel world that is similar to ours, but shifted in time in the future. This hypothesis can inspire unless the creators of Hollywood science fiction movie, and it is absolutely incomprehensible altruism of our twins from a parallel world who are concerned, for example, a problem in which bank is the local counterpart should put their money or insurance of his apartment.

Let's try to offer a more rational hypothesis without invoking the mythical angels and the equally mythical parallel worlds. These warnings from the future we will send you currently own! To do this, we will have to slightly modify the well-known hypothesis of the existence of a single information field, as from the point of view of modern science, this field is also from the area of mysticism.
The closest to this idea came up Jung's theory of the "collective unconscious." But try to take the next step, which we will have to, as they say, to turn the theory of the "upside down" and enter a different notion of "collective superconscious." It is alleged that a man uses his brain for a maximum of 3%. But then the question arises, what people are doing the other 97%?

Now imagine that these 97% of all people living on Earth combined into a single structure is not amorphous and faceless Information field, and a single Superbrain (or, according to the hypothesis of Penrose — Super computers), but somehow disrespectful so dignify structure that In a certain sense, smarter 5 billion people. The only assumption is that here we have to do is a link between individuals with torsion, not mythical, but not all physicists recognized field. You can, of course, come up and just sort of "aura", but that properties of torsion fields, the researchers attributed to their ideal for our purposes.

And the most important of them — spread faster than light. In this case, within the structure of which it forms, will simultaneously be information about the past, present and future. As a result, "SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS" (or Jung's "unconscious"), each person possesses the totality of information about the future of the individual without the involvement of a naive hypothesis about guardian angels. Only the problem is that our own "SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS" in most cases, in a critical situation can not "reach out" to our consciousness, that is, 3% of those that determine our physical existence. Some of these signals may be perceived psychics, or persons with a sick mentality (a good example of that in the old days — fools).

Let us take for granted until the claim that they can be perceived by everyone as the technology of perception overconscious (subconscious) signals known since ancient times. But the description of it would take us beyond the scope of this narrative. Just now, at the end of last and the beginning of this millennium there was one channel for receiving information from prediktorskoy own superconsciousness, or rather, through it, because, as we said above, it is only part of the uniform of the superstructure, which, in the spirit of Penrose, it is possible, if it is do not be offended, to name a think Superinternetom. But this torsion Superinternet than the existing electronic (or electromagnetic) is billions of times.

And we take into account one more thing: the theorists argue about the torsion fields of a certain likeness solenoid. At least according to their theory, any electromagnetic wave generator simultaneously transmits and torsional waves. So, these two Internet (or "information web" — as it is sometimes also called the Internet) will start, and as we can see from the above, have already started to react. And then the owner of the computer connected to the Internet, do not be surprised if he suddenly received a message or warning from the future from itself.

Valentin Church Singer,
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics.

On the face of impossible 25 (330), 2003

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