Liberalism, declared war on traditional values, draws its ideological roots of the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School

What is the role of traditional family values in different countries, which undermine the ideology of the family institution, and what dangers of the juvenile justice system — this is the head of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS Alexei Komov in a conversation with the doctor of political sciences, academician Igor Panarin.

Panarin: We discuss the problem of the family in a global perspective, the United Nations. In this respect, my guest Alex Y. Komov. He has a lot of positions related to family policy in Russia, we'll talk about it. Alexey Yu is the head of the World Congress of Families in Russia and the CIS.

You have for years been the problems of the family. How you feel in this aspect World Congress and at an international movement in support of the family after last year's summit in Moscow?

Com: They feel good. As recently as May 2012 in Madrid, the VI World Congress of Families.

Panarin: It turns out that Moscow has passed the baton to the letter "m" Madrid?

Com: Yes, there was a great World Congress of Families. There were 3,000 people. The Russian delegation was quite personable. Natalia was Yakunin, the wife of Vladimir Yakunin. She heads the "sanctity of motherhood."

Panarin: She is an active member?

Com: Yes, she is now taking a very active part. We are very excited about this. She even opened itself World Congress of Families, the plenary session. Natalia was the first speaker, and the pictures in the latest issue of global news that spread electronic journal, it is also present. There was also Vladimir Mishchenko of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called.

Panarin: This is also a fund that supports the family. His work is extremely positive.

Com: Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov was the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). This is also a well-known defender of family values. From the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate had to come Metropolitan Hilarion, but, unfortunately, the Patriarch asked him to stay in Moscow, there was an important matter. Was his deputy abbot Filaret (Bulekov). He spoke, read out an official welcome from the Russian Orthodox Church. I also played there, and a few others from Russia. So everything went fine.

Panarin: How was the Madrid summit? What finally made the participants? You said there were about three thousand? This is a huge number.

Com: Out of 80 countries, 3,100 participants from all over the world. This is the most representative association of supporters of traditional family and Christian values, largely conservative political forces. Many gravitate to the U.S. Republican Party, to its social-conservative wing.

Panarin: Refers to inside the United States?

Com: Yes. In Europe, too, there are a number of political parties. By the way, recently had a conference in Rome, I participated in the work of the OSCE conference on combating all forms of intolerance towards Christians.

Panarin: Yes, I have begun such attacks. For example, in the UK even prohibit carry daggers.

Com: And the OSCE recognizes that.

Panarin: This is, in fact, nonsense. After 2000 years, we are going back to the days of the persecution of Christians.

Com: And even the OSCE recognizes that it is the most persecuted religion in the world. The persecution of the Copts as a result of the "Arab Spring", which appealed to the "anti-Christian winter."

Panarin: Actually, yes. Christians are under attack in the course of these supposedly democratic reforms.

Com: First, those who are suffering. Copts — is ethnically ancient Egyptians.

Panarin: In fact, the real people of this country today suffer persecution.

Com: There were about 10 percent less than now. We hid in the Russian one Copt. Some Russian priests took it here. He just bought a one-way ticket and fled from Egypt. For example, was Anthony the Great — the founder of monasticism in the early centuries of Christianity. Were ethnic Egyptians, Copts.

Panarin: So, this is one of the foundations of modern Christianity?

Com: So true. They, unfortunately, are persecuted. After all the processes in Iraq in recent years, too many times in the decrease in the number of Christians. Syria is now a very difficult situation. Returning to the World Congress of Families, I would say that the next Congress will be in Australia in Sydney in 2013. And then in Moscow in 2014.

Symbolically, the idea of the World Congress of Families was born in the early 1990s in Moscow in an apartment where a sociology professor at the Moscow State University Anatoly Antonov met with Allan Carlson of the United States. And they thought that opened up the West and the East, they can work together to communicate, dropped the "iron curtain".

Panarin: So, we have a little more than 20 years ago came to it, and has 3,100 congress participants.

Com: We expect to reach 5,000 people in the Moscow Kremlin.

Panarin: We want to achieve numerical superiority is in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses?

Com: Yes, inside the Kremlin walls. We hope that Natalia and Vladimir Yakunin help, they are very supportive of this idea. Because without serious government support is unreal.

Panarin: I also support it. I'm away from you for the first time I've heard that the Congress will be in the Kremlin in 2014. It would be very important.

Com: This is the twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family Council.

Panarin: We now come back to the UN.

Com: We can coincide and take some important policy documents. This could be a landmark event. People from all over Russia, from the regions and countries of the near abroad, from 80 countries. We expect half of the foreign visitors, 2.5 thousand of our people. It will be like a mini-Olympics, only profamily.

Panarin: Spiritual, aimed at supporting the family. Wonderful idea. We will hope that together we, and the "World politics", which recently won one of the international competitions, will be engaged in the support to really gather in the Kremlin and support the family.

Returning to the United Nations, both in the framework of this most influential international organization of the question? Especially because you are following the World Congress of Families in the United Nations. As there perceive your initiative?

Com: The UN has occurred fairly complex processes. Especially in the last 20 years after the fall of the "Iron Curtain." Born new reinforced liberal ideology, it has gained a lot of supporters who hold key positions. There's a very strong influence of radical feminism that has its roots in the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School. If a little deeper into the story, after the revolution of 1917 it was expected that all of Europe would be communist, but the revolution succeeded only in one country.

Panarin: Socialist Republic was in Bavaria and Hungary.

Com: In Hungary — Bela Kun, Comrade Georg Lukacs — known communist ideologue, the first to introduce sex education in Hungarian schools. What is now being actively promoted by the United Nations, was introduced in the days of the Republic of Bela Kun in the wake of Bolshevism. For Engels is famous work "The Family, Property and the State", which states that the family — the repressive bourgeois institution.

Panarin: In fact it can be said that some liberals are trying to implement a Marxist ideas, while ostensibly criticizing Marxism?

Com: It turns out such an interesting metamorphosis. We defeated communism. I heard a version of the first charter of the Komsomol can not get anywhere else, because there are registered sex ideals of free love. The apartments were built when there was constructivism, in 1920: Clara Zetkin, eat together, family offices are not closed.

Panarin: It was a well-known activist, which decomposes almost everything you can in the spiritual and moral basis.

Com: What is interesting here in Moscow in the early 1920s, brought together leading Communists, Marxists in Europe to discuss why the world revolution did not spread to other countries. They came to the conclusion that this bourgeois culture, which is based on the age-old Christian tradition, so zadurmanila head to the working class, that he was not aware of their true class interests.

Panarin: And he needs help.

Com: And it should promote cultural and develop. From this came the idea of cultural Marxism.

Panarin: And the Cultural Revolution.

Com: Then in the 1950s, they have joined with Freudian ideas.

Panarin: Appeared neo-Freudianism, as well as neo-Marxism, and they are connected.

Com: It was necessary to destroy the family as a bourgeois repression cell. It was necessary to explain to the woman that she is actually exploited a man and children — that they are operated by parents and that they have rights, too. In fact, from the inside to blow up the fundamental cell of society.

Panarin: That reminds us the basics of juvenile justice.

Com: We come up to her and. We reveal the ideological roots.

Panarin: The ideological origins of juvenile justice — it is a cultural Marxism?

Com: Yes.

Panarin: With which our current supposedly liberals are actively fighting on a different level, while promoting this project created by the expansion, the destruction of the family. Why did it happen, in your opinion? You decades of work in this area, this misunderstanding, confusion or a special secret policy?

Com: I think there are a number of factors. There is also a conscious and a subconscious component. Conscious ideologues — the people who believe in the religion of progressivism.

Panarin: This is a particular religious sect?

Com: In fact, we can say that it is a religious belief. Since no one knows, strictly speaking, from which emerged the world and whether or not the big bang, because no one has seen or was not filmed on video. As a man approached from a monkey too, none have been recorded. A pile of failures. She almost falls apart.

Panarin: The concept? Yeah, looks like it disintegrates.

Com: So this is a very religious belief, based on Marxism and Freudianism. And at the human level, if you make this revolution, they say all sorts of internal instincts, libido, sexual desire, ego suppressed. The proletariat by the bourgeoisie is suppressed, and all these inner instincts are suppressed morality, family, Christianity, traditional society.

Therefore it is necessary to break this add-on, to give full freedom to the fact that in Christianity is called sin, passions, fornication in all its forms and meanings. Release that genie at will, then, how they think, according to the pseudo-religious views, there will come a golden age of mankind.

Panarin: Actually, it looks like hell and chaos will come from the point of view of a reasonable approach.

Com: From the perspective of medieval Christian theology, it could be characterized as a form of neosatanizma.

Panarin: Actually they probably would have burned in the XV-XVI centuries at the stake.

Com: You can call Satanism full humanity. These are people who believe that man is above everything, above it there is no one, no God, no law or natural law — that I want, and I turn back. My body — my property, I am above all else, so I want to — to have an abortion, I want — I make love.

Panarin: This is a complete lack of responsibility?

Com: United Nations, unfortunately, largely adopted this concept.

Panarin: So, within the UN won these Neo-Freudians, neo-Marxists?

Com: They're not what won. Most countries remains robust positions, including Russia, which does a very good statement in support of the family, traditional values. A few years ago, with the filing of Russia was (and is supported by Muslim, African countries, although Western were very dissatisfied) is very strong lobby in support of traditional values that runs day and night, which is integrated into the machine UN, various committees, subcommittees who hold this ideology.

But the countries themselves, the majority of them, do not share it, but by the skilful manipulation by what kind of meeting is convened (now do not need a majority of votes, the main thing now — consensus) … Those non-governmental organizations that are better funded …

Panarin: By the way, few people know that 82 percent of organizations that operate for the benefit of the United Nations and the flag of the United Nations, the UN is not funded, and external players. And we know these players.

Com: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Packard Foundation, Ford Foundation, the Government of Japan, the UK, the U.S. (under Obama). About U.S. should mention.

Panarin: Let us, in spite of my concept of the collapse, still say that there is a good, positive people.

Com: In America and in other countries too, but in America particularly strong movement that defends traditional family values.

Panarin: This is basically Tea Party Patriots, and not only is it moving?

Com: It is largely overlaps, but not necessarily. There are other forces. Basically it is the Republicans and the Democrats, though, may have a small number of people who adhere to their views. You can also be conservative with respect to politics, to society.

We're talking about social conservatives. Basically it is the Republicans, supporters of the conservative movement for the rights of Tea Party Movement, not to give the state more than it should have.

Panarin: But at the same time they act and for moral and spiritual and moral values. Here we are absolutely the same.

Com: In America, still more than 50 percent of the population attends church every week. This statistic. The Protestant church a little more, different from ours. Although it is said of Jesus Christ, which is good, but there is another tradition.

There you can listen to music, watch movies. Anything can take place in the form of a film show or rock concert. This, of course, is very unusual for us, but the people as they can tend to ethics, morals, and it is wonderful. And it is — more than 50 percent of the population.

Panarin: And where the main concentration of such people?

Com: If you cut off the East and West Coast, all of Central America will be basically conservative.

Panarin: When I was in the States, I heard, they say, must be discarded Los Angeles, New York and surrounding area, and the rest of America — another. Do you agree with this view?

Com: Yes, in many ways it is. And by the way, mass-media landscape of America more soberly, much cleaner than ours.

For example, outdoor advertising. All obscene visual images of half-naked there very severely suppressed them you will not see anywhere else outside of Las Vegas, Atlantic City — nowhere else in the city. For example, some metal, as we have, in some half-naked woman advertises. What does the metal, some shingles? This wildness and bad taste.

Panarin: Yes, I agree. You will immediately have moved from rural America to the Russian tiles. What is the situation in Russia? We have already said that Russia supports the UN. How do we perceive ourselves? You're not only in Russia but also in CIS countries represent Congress. What is the situation in the space of our neighbors — Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan?

Com: The last 20 years is quite a powerful spiritual revival. Society as a whole is more conservative. We have more than 90 percent do not approve of gay marriage, gay pride parades.

Panarin: This is a definite indicator of the traditional conservative matrix?

Com: Yes. And in this sense we are certainly more healthy situation, even though we have our own big problems. We have a very conservative population in terms of social issues. Recently, there is a positive trend in terms of fertility, and in reducing the number of abortions, and in increasing the number of marriages.

Over the past few years and there is a positive trend in the demographics, and the strengthening of family values. For example, if you take France or other countries, there is the opposite: if 10 years ago to 45 per cent of children born out of wedlock, now has 55 percent.

Panarin: So the majority of children are born out of wedlock?

Com: They are born, but how they are brought up to adolescence — I've heard that up to 90 percent of children in France do not live with their biological parents.

Panarin: This is a national problem.

Com: And by the way, is very developed in France juvenile justice.

Panarin: So they are beginning to pose a problem of juvenile justice, to realize it. It turns out that we have a diametrically opposite picture, we impose the French scheme?

Com: French, Swedish — Western European model under the pretext that it is supposedly an advanced method. Although we have very different numbers, and you can clearly prove that the concept of juvenile justice is not working.

For juvenile justice is the creation of an idol out of the state. The state actually becomes the owner of all the people it trusts on time and under certain conditions to parents raising a child, and may at any time to select it.

Panarin: Nonsense. Our Russian liberals accuse the state of excessive activity in other spheres — economic, for example. And here they hold diametrically opposite, Bolshevik, and politics. Absolutely Bolshevik — as Clara Zetkin. It is a psychological phenomenon.

Com: In Russia for 70 years, has accumulated a lot of negative and positive experiences. It made a lot of painful experiences, and now we are in new packaging slip that we were 100 years ago.

Panarin: And they say that this is the best international practices.

Com: That we are in the time he and exported from Russia.

Panarin: And then they themselves torn away. We have gone from this, and now we are told: "Take, this advanced European development."

Com: Shafarevich with the filing of Solzhenitsyn (he suffered the idea) has written a book, "Socialism as a phenomenon in world history." I met him about a year ago in his Moscow apartment, he was already at an advanced age. We talked with him, a very nice book. On me it made a stunning impression. It is, incidentally, has been translated into English.

I recommend to read it to our international friends. He shows quite clearly that socialism was present almost from the beginning of world history — in ancient Egypt, the Ancient East. Everything belongs to the state. Irrigation canals — the Communists wanted to roll out of the river, is also an irrigation system — all drive away in a kind of gulag camps, and to build the White Sea Canal, the Pyramids.

Panarin: That is argued that there was no communism with Marx, and there at different historical stages?

Com: Yes. Then he says that everything belongs to the state. The planned economy, jobs, supervisors, state ownership never worked and led to the decline, demotivation, extinction of people — the Aztecs, Mayas, in ancient societies.

Plato's ideal — it is a communist society, the general's wife, and so on. If we follow the heresy of the Middle Ages, they also said that we need to kill the rich, give to the poor all. Heresy of the Cathars, Albigensians, and others, who took almost communist ideal — to give everything to the poor.

Then — the utopia of modern times. There is a utopia where people live happily, "golden age." And the same idea in virtually unchanged form just introduced in psevdoekonomicheskie parameters.

Panarin: How Russia, which for the past 100 years in the throes of experiencing these experiments not only Marx but also coming from Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs and so on, make a right and go up to the conclusion in 2014, for the World Congress in the Kremlin?

Com: It seems to me that Russia is a great potential, people in the West, it is viewed with great hope. We need to rethink their recent experience, international experience and understand how not to allow the state to intrude into areas that are the prerogative of the family, and no one is better than the parents will not be able to understand what is best for the child, as sincerely, sincerely, with love create the atmosphere in which he can be brought up.

No need to replace it with cold impersonal bureaucratic state and the relationships that can grow a new generation of moral monsters and can make it worse. It is necessary to address the moral and ethical roots, reset all the wrong that was aware of it and move forward properly — with the priority of family values, freedom in its proper sense. This will lead to a harmonious society, I hope.

Panarin: Thank you! Our primary strategic objective for the next few years — is the World Congress of Families in the Kremlin, which helps to make a group of people led by Yakunin and his wife — fund manager

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