Liberalka Romanov-Rabinovich will stand trial for the hatred of veterans

Chairman of the Board of Veterans and an honorary citizen of the suburban Mytishch Lieutenant General, retired Boris Feofanov sued for defamation by the leader of the movement "Russ sitting," says Olga Romanova‘s "Separate Divisions"with reference to the press service of the Meshchansky Court. The plaintiff believes that the journalist "showed a clear disrespect, disregard for the history of his homeland, the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War."
Olga Romanova, according to the veteran, made abusive ex-soldiers for entry in his microblog on Twitter about the June 22 opening of the first in the Russian Federal Military Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery is located in the Mytishchi district, and it is planned to bury the remains of members of the Russian military, political, scientific and cultural elite, as well as veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The opening of the memorial complex was Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

"June 22, 2013, the official opening of the memorial in symbolic day — memorial day, day of the Second World War. In honor of the memory was created only in Russian sacred place. The same day, the plaintiff had not previously familiar citizen Romanov OE published on the Web Twitter, having public accessibility, a text message:

"Chelobitevo — a great place, and the name appropriate. Shoigu laid the first stone of the pet cemetery ", — stated in the court.

"Do not hate Russia and our people, to being ethnically Jewish (nee Rabinowitz) in this tragic and holy for all our people to insult the day World War II veterans who had saved her from fellow full of Auschwitz and Buchenwald," the report says

Chairman of the Board of Veterans Boris Feofanov asks the court to charge the defendant 1,000,000 rubles in moral damages for the publication of information that is not "true."

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