Libya has bought 100,000 tonnes of Russian wheat


Libya bought 100,000 tonnes of Russian wheat shipments will be made in September, RIA Novosti reported, citing a statement by the managing director involved in the transaction German trading company Alphamate Commodity Eickel Michaela (Michaela Eikel).

"Currently in Novorossiysk is loading 25,000 tons of Russian wheat is very good quality for shipments to Benghazi. Her delivery is expected around September 20, "- said the representative of the agency trading company involved in the supply of grain to Libya, adding that the loading of the second batch of wheat will be held September 20-25.

A company representative said that Libyans prefer Russian wheat because of its cost by about 20 tons of dollars cheaper than the French, but the quality is very good. According to preliminary estimates, about 500,000 tons of wheat will need Libya in the next few months, with deliveries in October-December.

Prior to the events to overthrow the regime of Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya was a big importer of food in North Africa. C 2003 country bought and exported grain, mainly from Russia and Ukraine, as well as from Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

Wheat from Russia comes to Libya Russian foreign company United Grain Co. The representative of the United Grain Co told Reuters in an interview, without elaborating, that the previous shipment of grain were produced in July and August.

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