FC Rostov walks, in the southern generously celebrating yet another return to the Premier League. Never mind the snow rallies fans, financial uncertainty, a series of questions "to be or not to be". And the fact that we had to play a rank below — it does not matter. It happened because the same thing with such giants as "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow. And nothing, they are not departed. The main thing — the city was able to save your favorite team. And not just save and go away is not an easy tournament in the same breath with the indicators, some of which have been officially declared records division. One unbeaten in 24 matches is worth something! [Cut] However, the ease of victory, which may create the appearance of figures in the table are deceptive. Started wards Oleg Dolmatova hard, literally gnawing are needed for a successful start points. Then, in the spring, and then had to hear that the team plays strained, nezrelischno and when rivals will add, not to see her leadership. But as time went on, and to take positions dolmatovtsy and thought. And by the end of the first round came and the game. I happened to see two home games Rostovites with the "Ural" and "Kuban". And believe me, football in them, they showed an interesting, good-quality, leaving potential competitors a chance. By the way, to meet the latest bookies do not take bets, thinking that the hosts can be too hospitable. But this time, the sages of the tote were confounded. All this is the case even recently, but the past. And today, like most clubs, primarily dependent on the financial well-being. According to the club’s sporting director Alexander Shikunova, to the summit feel relatively quiet, need a budget of at least 25 — 27 million dollars. And then out of the blue — a crisis. And that means that the shareholders have to tighten the belt. But the president of the group of companies "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky and head of the "TransMashHolding" Andrew Bokaryov the team is not going to give up. As governor Vladimir Chub — and at a fraction of the regional administration is responsible for 25 percent of the club. General Director of "growth" Ali Uzdenov constantly looking for sponsors. And everyone with whom I had a chance to talk, rest assured that no matter how developed, in last year’s money pit club will not appear. Financial affairs of the move to sports — and immediately becomes clear how the latter depends on the former. The same Shikunov argues that strengthening the structure requires the purchase of six-seven newcomers, including two foreign players. Now a team of five foreigners — the Serbs and Slivich Zivanovic, Zivko Croat, Bosnian and Korean Akhmetovich Hon. All of them can be easily considered revelations of the season. How well the selection of this time, depends not only on the athletic director and working with the club agent Pavel Andreev. As you know, good players cost money. How much will be allocated from the creaking of the emerging budget is hard to say. In the meantime, "growth" is betting on the already proven Gerus, Aspen, Kulchiy, Akimov, Circassian, returns from Lipetsk Ehrlich and hopes that the team will be able to save a rented Kozhanova ("Zenith") and Zuev ("Kuban"). But Denisov capable defender and a sharp striker Dyadyun were forced to return to the "locomotive" and "Ruby." The first acquisition was Mazalov striker, who scored in last season for SKA Rostov 21 ball. By the way, recently reported that the army club boss Ivan Savvidi supported the idea of combining the two teams Rostov. Support, however, she has not found: in "Chicago" believe that the fate of the tie with the SKA, which has no bases, and no decent stadium or players who can help at the highest level, does not make sense. Finally, as it is — the plans. While questions about the answers sound du jour: "We will fight to win every game.’ll Try to please the viewer a good game." Why is there no specifics? Yes, because all the same: not yet fully known how much filthy lucre will be in the coffers of the club. And as the character from the movie fun: "Money, comrades, has not been canceled." And he was right.

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