Life in ruins: six months after the hurricane Sandy people’s homes

not restored

Residential quarter Breezy Point in the New York area was among the places that took the brunt of the hurricane "Sandy", which struck in October 2012 on the east coast of the United States. Six months later, the quarter still destroyed: and 2400 of 2800 houses still empty, according to the publication Daily News America.

A powerful tropical cyclone "Sandy" was formed at the end of October 2012. Brought down the east coast of the United States, killing more than 100 people and caused damage to the U.S. economy of $ 50 billion hurricane left a trail of destruction and casualties. One of its consequences — a fire in a flooded New York borough of Queens, in which quarter of Breezy Point was nearly destroyed.

Six months later, residents are trying to block the home to rebuild their homes and their lives. All they are asking: where are the politicians who so boldly made promises to help, being under the TV cameras after a natural disaster. Then, the U.S. adopted a law allocating $ 60.4 billion for the provision of assistance to areas affected by the devastating hurricane.

"People whose houses were burned — the lucky ones," — said by local residents. "They get paid for the insurance and can rebuild their homes. The owners of houses affected by flooding, still seeking from the insurance companies just pay ", — explained the residents Breeze Point.

Thomas Sullivan survivors of the September 11 attacks — while he was on the 96 floor of the World Trade cents and was able to escape. He later served in Iraq and dreamed only of being back home and start a new peaceful life in their own home in Breezy Point. But the hurricane "Sandy" and destroyed this house, and a new dream.

"Sandy" was the second strongest hurricane in U.S. history — more damage inflicted only hurricane "Katrina" struck the United States in 2005.

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