Life on Mars does not want to be discovered




"Beagle?" No answer. "Beagle?" No answer. "Beagle!" … Wait for a signal from Mars too late. Another channel of communication with the lander broke off on Thursday evening and will resume only in the afternoon on December 26. During the last such "window" when the world could take a signal from Mars from space did not answer …

Beagle-2 had to touch the surface of Mars Ytrom December 25 (At 02:54 GMT — is 5:54 MSK) and the first to make contact during the day, at a time when circling around Mars U.S. interplanetary probe Mars Odyssey could relay a signal to Earth. It did not happen. Now hope that this would ever happen to melt away before our eyes. Attempting evening session brought nothing consolatory, if the machine is not able to recharge the batteries in time, the Europeans will have to equip a new mission to Mars.

The end of 2003 — beginning of 2004, were to be the era of Martian breakthrough. Following the Beagle-2 to the Red Planet is approaching one of the two American spacecraft. Obviously, it remains to wait until he gets to the goal, and while the overall picture attempts to explore Mars remains bleak.

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