Life Sioux 25UTG Refurbished

Moscow. January 9. Airports — The ongoing repair decked training aircraft Su-25UTG extend their operation for 8 years, said "AviaPort" a source in the military-industrial complex.

According to him, the repair of the Su-25UTG made on the 121st Aviation Repair Plant in Kubinka, at the same company that modernizes the Su-25 variant of the Su-25SM.

Installed on the Su-25UTG engines R95SH also be repaired, said the official.

It was reported that only in the Russian Naval Aviation 279th separate naval Fighter Aviation Regiment, based at the airfield Severomorsk-3 (Murmansk region), was at the end of the last two years rebuilding and return to the system of the Su-25UTG. Of the 13 built in 1990-1993. at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant serial Su-25UTG currently in the 279th Regiment left 7 aircraft.

Konstpuktsiya planepa konstpuktsii planepa aircraft similar to the Su-25UB. Spavneniyu the Su-25UB Su-25UTG reinforced chassis mounted hook for landing on the deck et al. The Su-25UTG produced at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant small sepiey.

The Su-25UTG mower is intended not to carry out any military function, with it removed all obopudovanie, ppednaznachennoe to perform combat missions.

Sioux 25UTG has a maximum takeoff weight of 16245 kg. Its maximum speed is 930-950 km / h Length pazbega DURING takeoff from tpamplina cruiser — 175 m length traveltimes DURING landing on the deck with a 90 m APPLICATION OF aepofinishepa

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