Lifetime tests of the wing of the MS-21 TsAGI


Experts complex strength TSAGI completed the first phase of life tests of the prototype caisson number 2 of the composite wing program of MS-21. Works are carried out following the order of "AeroComposite" as part of a long-term MS-21 with a composite wing.

The purpose of research is to prove the non-development of operational damage to the composite wing of an aircraft. The tests should confirm that the various damage to the wing will not increase and will not affect the safety of flight.

Before endurance test on a prototype of the wing box shock applied artificial damage which may occur in production and operation. For load structure is formed by flight cycles, equivalent to one flight operation. In the first stage of life tests on the stand was simulated 7,000 flights.

Now experts carry out work on inspection and ultrasonic testing zones impact damage. Then, the test will continue. According to the results of the test cycle TsAGI scientists experimentally appreciate the characteristics and properties of the structure and confirm constructive-power circuit caisson will determine the actual strength and vitality of the construction zone, and perfected the technology of standard repairs and inspection methods. Test results will be used in designing an aircraft wing MS 21.

Currently, there are 4 TSAGI caisson prototype composite wing aircraft MS-21. All of these samples made by foreign companies "Diamond"And"Fisher"Following the order of" AeroComposite "are complex strength tests in the laboratories of the institute in the summer of 2011. TsAGI specialists spent stiffness, frequency and static loads up to maximum and destruction (caissons number 1 and number 3) test. The studies were conducted with the use of regulated in damages. Tested headstock-chassis units and engines that allowed us to estimate the strength of metal-composite joints. Was first carried out docking and sealing composite center wing caisson with the simulator by the standard technology.

The prototype caisson number 4 is planned to research the influence of climatic factors on the strength of composite structures.

Start of test composite wing caisson real MS-21 is scheduled for 2015.

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