Lifting force MiG

The increase in production is carried out in the interests of foreign customers and the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Ensure that they have succeeded in the field meeting of the State Duma Committee on Defense in Lukhovitsy near Moscow. 

The industrial complex Corporation "MiG" in Soviet times was designed to produce hundreds of fighters in the year, but by the early 2000s the company had virtually ceased to collect new aircraft. Today, the plant in Lukhovitsy experiencing a rebirth associated with the development of new technologies and increased production of aircraft. In the future, it should be the most modern aircraft factory full cycle in the European part of Russia. Part of the workshop is filled with more green lathes. But side by side, through the wall, quite a different picture: the neat little shop, the latest digital machines-robots that handle the details of future aircraft. Young workers in branded overalls.


A major upgrade of production on "MiG" associated with the creation of a new family MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2 and future fighter of "4 + +" MiG-35. All these machines have in common is that they are designed as a new platform with great potential for increasing the combat capabilities for a long time based on the application of technology inherent in the fifth-generation aircraft.

 New fighters look similar to the classic MiG-29. However, this is — a completely new fighter jets to major changes in the structure of the fuselage, avionics, as well as the materials used in the production.


— Composites account for about 15% of the entire surface of the fuselage, — says one of the employees of the company, easily picking up with an impressive desktop-sized piece of the wing of a fighter. — It twice lighter aircraft aluminum are five times. At the same time he order them stronger. The use of composites could substantially reduce the dry weight of the new machines.


Saving has gone on increasing payload and fuel. If the classic MiG-29 could carry 2.5 tons of suspension, the naval MiG-29K — 4.5 tons, and promising MiG-35 — more than 6 tons. Domestic tanks of new "MiG" contain almost half as much fuel. In addition, the aircraft received in-flight refueling system, which together with the new missiles of "air-to-ground" allows you to solve problems that were previously available only bombers.


Internal changes "MiG" is much palpable. For example, MiG-29K/KUB seriously change of the wing, so that the plane was able to take off from a short takeoff and landing with a lower landing speed. The aircraft is fully implemented the principle of "glass cockpit." Instead of analog devices — digital. All indication is displayed on the color LCD displays. Instead, control rods — electronic control system. In the west it is called fly-by-wire (flight-by-wire).


Aircraft equipment has an open architecture that allows you to quickly build the capacity of the aircraft due to the integration of new systems and weapons. There is a modern "Zhuk-ME", the latest electro-optical surveillance and targeting system. Significantly improved survival in a battle with the introduction of elements of technology "stealth" and capacity building board defense by the installation of missile launch detection and laser irradiation.


RD-33MK — significantly improved version of the RD-33, which are mounted on the classic MiG-29. Thanks to the completion of their motor capacity increased by 8%, was equipped with a modern digital control system FADEC.


In family aircraft MiG-29K/KUB/M/M2 there is another feature that makes them more attractive to customers. Classic MiG-29 was designed for 2,500 flight hours and the service life of 20 years. The new "MiG" may serve an indefinite term, and the resource has grown to 6,000 flight hours. Moreover, the cost of flying hours reduced by almost 2.5 times.


MiG-29K/KUB successfully passed a difficult exam on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and "Vikramaditya", as well as in naval aviation in India. RAC "MiG" released their growing rapidly. In 2011, the Corporation has handed over to the customer 12 cars in 2012, is scheduled to release 24 aircraft. And in the future, according to the general director of the corporation Sergei Korotkov, the rate of production will increase to 36 fighters per year.


 — I think we are a little carried away with the fact that so many MiGs delivered to foreign customers, it’s time to arm its own army — jokingly complained after an inspection made chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoedov.


Sergei Korotkov said that this request is implemented. The enterprise has already started production MiG-29K/KUB for naval aviation of the Russian Navy, under a contract signed in March 2012. All the technical problems associated with the development of the aircraft have been resolved.


— We carried out the second phase of testing on the ship. We performed it completely. The contracting authority has signed the protocol that we have done this work and the ship for further tests we do not need, — Sergey Korotkov.


Successes during sea trials MiG-29K/KUB as possible reflect the overall situation in "MiG", which in all respects is one of the leading positions in the industry. On the basis of MiG-29K/KUB established and commercially produced fighter airfield areas: a single MiG-29M and MiG-29M2 double.

The production version of the latter in 2012 was successfully demonstrated in Kazakhstan, Serbia and Slovakia. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force, the public saw the MiG-29M2 in a joint flight with a fifth-generation fighter PAK FA. In the long term — the emergence of another novelty — the MiG-35 — Russian multi-role fighter of "4 + +".


 The composition of his arms is the latest radar with an active phased array "Zhuk-AE". During a test flight of MiG-35 with a new radar modes were checked all her work on air and ground targets in the rear hemisphere, and in the melee. Radar detected and led three aerial targets at ranges of up to 148 km. Which fully confirmed addresses the contemporary — given the tactical and technical requirements, including the successful firing missiles "air-to-air." Having confirmed that the combat performance fighter bring it closer to the models of the fifth generation. According to Sergei Korotkov, buying these machines already spelled out in the state armaments program until 2020. And it will be delivered to combat units since 2014.


 — The machine is, it is ready, quite clever and competent, modern — confirmed chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoedov.


According to experts, in its combat capabilities, aircraft performance and operational requirements of the new "MiG" at least not inferior to modern foreign fighters of the "4 +" and "4 + +", which are mass-produced and fed to adopt the U.S. (F / A -18E / F) and the Western European countries ("Rafale", "Typhoon", "Gripen"). And the ratio of "efficiency / cost" MiG-29K/KUB/M/M2 — is one of the most promising proposals on the world market. Especially in a situation of cessation of production "Mirage 2000" and the expected withdrawal from the market of F-16 fighter aircraft from Russia simply will not be Western competitors in a market niche of low-cost light fighter / middle class.


As represe
ntatives of the Corporation "MiG", MiG-29M/M2 is subject to interest from customers in the CIS countries and Southern Europe. India received 16 MiG-29K/KUB ordered another 29 such fighters. In the context of the same in India, "MiG" fulfilling a contract to upgrade 63 Indian MiG-29 standard MiG-29UPG. In the framework will be installed on the aircraft "Zhuk-ME", which will extend the life of fighter for another 20 years.

Portfolio of export orders already Corporation MiG is now at $ 4.4 billion and there are good prospects for its further increase.

Modernization of production in Lukhovitsy said that the corporation intends to seriously fight not only for external but also internal customer. The success of the Program on the carrier-based fighter MiG-29K/KUB gives hope for preservation in the Navy’s only aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and significantly enhance its combat potential.

The new carrier-based fighters make logical further plans for a Russian aircraft carrier fleet. MiG-29M/M2 help preserve land grouping of light fighters. And the appearance of the MiG-35 will come close combat capabilities of its fighters to the 5th generation.

Dmitry V. Litovkin — a military journalist.

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