Lifts Dagestan production


Very soon, in apartment buildings of our cities will operate new lifts Dagestan production. The project was developed by the design office Dstu together with experts in the radio factory named Pleshakova Izberbash.

24 booths have already purchased the Moscow government. Lifting machine, as it turned out, meets all modern requirements. Surprises and a small price — one million rubles, while imports lifts, cost four times as much.

The size of every detail thought out to the millimeter. The slightest mistake — and the marriage of design. Therefore, all computer monitors, followed closely watching Zaur Magomedmirzoev. A graduate of the Dagestan Technical University held a special training course in Moscow. Today he is — chief specialist of the enterprise.

The project is for the complete set of elevators in Dagestan was reviewed in September last year. Two months later, the first cabin was ready. And in December, lifting machines were sold abroad.

Increased security, normalized lifetime — 25 years is the efficient use of energy. It’s not all positive characteristics of the lift produced by Radio Works Pleshakova. Experts call the three major advantages: price, quality, efficiency.

Izberbashsky radiozavod Pleshakova name was created in 1978. The main products then released for civil aviation. Today, the main customer — the Ministry of Defence. Helps to keep afloat and manufacturing of LED lamps. Implement them already in the country. "But the production of lifts — admits Manager Firyas Farmanov — this is definitely a new stage in the life of the plant."

This industry breakthrough will increase not only the payroll company’s employees, but the number of jobs. Today the plant employs more than two hundred people. For a town with a small population, it is quite noticeable.

Each year in the country pass over a million square meters of housing. Accordingly, the need grows continuously lifts. 1100 winders in the capital alone recognized alert. Already a federal target program, after the adoption of which, they will be replaced by new ones.

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