Lights of evening Samara

I like to walk the streets of Samara, when the city lowered the twilight, when he transformed many lights lamps, traceable line the streets, with spreads on them a set car headlights. A dull gray boxes of faceless buildings are painted numerous fires windows. Night wears a town in festive attire, how to choose a costume hiding in the dark shortcomings, emphasizing in light of interesting details.


Gradually dissolves daily vanity, being replaced by the serenity and quiet of falling asleep streets.

I suggest you walk on the evening Samara with me.

Here is the area of Famer when lit stars above it.




Quay, one of the favorite holiday destinations Samartsev, weekends are quite crowded if the weather certainly has to take walks. It is no less beautiful and framed by the night lights.


Quay is the pride of Samara residents. If the guest asks the city to do in Samara, any of the townspeople necessarily the list of proposed sites to celebrate the embankment of the Volga.


Very nice looking building with artificial illumination of facades.





But in Samara, not a few beautiful buildings that could be just as competently brighten mood lighting that can transform the city nightlife. For example, the same church, in the darkness of his appearance in the gothic style, could cause a horrible feeling. That’s how it is illuminated now spotlight from next door, of course out of the situation, but you must admit, the building is very interesting and the combination of light and shadow could highlight its beauty and singularity.


Klodta mansion, a small castle on the Kuibyshev Street decorated with turrets and wings looks fabulous in attics and lights of nighttime illumination. But the company by the brothers Clodt once provided with electric lights all Samara.


It is interesting to look not only architectural structures historic city, in confirmation of this is the building of the railway station, the transport gate. Station is one of the largest in Europe and Russia.








In recent years, including due to the fact that Samara has become one of the cities that will host matches of the World Cup in 2018 a lot of talk about the need to develop tourism infrastructure, and increase the attractiveness of the city for tourism. Would it not be more than draw attention to the condition of the historic part of the city and urban lighting, agree a shame that when evening falls through all this beauty in darkness. But the best time for an evening stroll.


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