Lights on about. Tatyshev will work thanks to the sun


In Krasnoyarsk, established the first lighting system using solar panels.

On the roof of the new pavilion, which is about. Tatyshev, new equipment — solar panels, they will generate energy for illumination of bicycle paths.

Olga Degtjarevo: "Cloudy weather in Krasnoyarsk is not uncommon, but experts assure that the batteries are charged during the daylight hours. One short winter day will ensure smooth operation of the lights for 5 — 6 days "

Battery 2-sided, and can store not only the light flows but indirect light, for example, from the snow. This is especially important for Siberia.

"In order to illuminate the whole alley to only 2.5 kW, so the power reserve of this installation — 4x"

Such a lighting system — the first in Krasnoyarsk. Set just solved it for reasons of economy. To draw on Tatyshev cable and illuminate the bicycle lane, it would take 20 million. Purchase and installation of solar panels cost almost 7 times less expensive hardware warranty — 10 years. Another innovation on Tatysheva — workers finish primed surface basketball court, after inflict paint. Coverage will become more elastic and comfortable for athletes. For football players ready to fight 4 mini fields with artificial turf, they will be able to engage even in winter. Preparing for winter on the island have already begun. Pavilion for rental skates and skis, as well as a new field for the rink will be 2 times more. Special equipment for pouring ice has already been purchased.

Sergey Kochan: "This will not only be on the island. And our great hockey boxes will be filled with these machines, and in the plans — we just retract the Academy of biathlon, so the task to purchase a retraction for producing quality ski runs »

The results of this summer season still did not disappoint, and plans for the future are made. They promised a new layout which will divide pedestrians, cyclists and skaters, parking for 5,000 cars, a video surveillance system throughout the island and even the new beach.…ev_v_krasnoyarske.flv.flv

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