Likinskiy bus plant celebrates its 75th anniversary


Likinskiy Bus Plant (LiAZ) "GAZ Group" celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding. During its history, the company has produced more than 285,000 buses. Lineup LiAZ includes about 20 models of buses, demand in the market of public transport. LiAZ — the only Russian company that produces a full line of buses length of 12 and 18 meters, working on different types of fuel (diesel, gas, electricity), including low-floor scale.

The history of the LiAZ assumed in 1937: then in the village Likino-Dulevo Moscow Region Forestry Engineering Works has earned the processing of wood. In 1945, the factory was renamed Likinskiy Engineering (LiMZ) and began to specialize in the production of machines and mechanisms for logging and wood processing industries. In 1958, the reconstruction of the Company under the issue of urban buses, the company received a new name — Likinskiy Bus Plant (LiAZ). January 10, 1959 from the factory gate was a first bus.

In recent years, the lyase was upgraded main conveyor, introduced new equipment and technology, the production process is organized in accordance with the principles of the Production System GAS — the system of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. Investments "GAZ Group" in the modernization LiAZ in 2007 amounted to 500 million rubles.

Likinskiy bus plant in Russia first developed and put into mass production of 18-meter articulated bus, low-floor buses range, as well as working on gas and hybrid buses. In 2011 started mass production of low-floor city buses LiAZ the highest environmental standards in Russia — "Euro-5" and EEV («Euro 5 +"). In 2012, represented Electrobus LiAZ-6274, a pilot batch which is scheduled for release in 2013.

Buses LiAZ are in great demand by consumers. Thus, the company has become a supplier of buses for the new generation of the largest cities of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Requirements to the capital’s transport on sustainability and comfort are the highest in the country and meet the requirements of leading European capitals. In 2011, the plant delivered to Moscow in 2070 buses for large and extra large class environmental standards "Euro-4", "Euro-5" and EEV («Euro 5 +"), in 2012 LiAZ continued to participate in the development of passenger traffic of Moscow, won the tender for the supply of 660 vehicles. In St. Petersburg from 2008 to 2012 were delivered LiAZ 642 bus at the end of August this year LiAZ was commissioned to produce an additional 15 buses — articulated low-floor vehicles LIAZ-6213.

In the first eight months of 2012 Likinskiy bus company sold 1,430 units of equipment, up 93% compared with the same period in 2011. In September LiAZ produce more than 160 buses. Overall in 2012, the plant plans to produce 2,000 buses. 

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