LIKOLOR — the largest brick factory in Siberia

Brickyard "LIKOLOR" opened in Novosibirsk in July 2009. Today, "Likolor" — one of the most modern factories in Russia. It is equipped with the latest technology, and the production is fully automated.

The plant was built during the downturn in demand in the construction industry, but he also has to be a factor in the growth of this market. It is assumed that the new plant will work on the economy of the city and help to improve the situation in the construction market. The plant’s capacity is 63 million bricks per year.

One brick at a cost of 8 rubles, projected payback period of the plantabout five years.

The director of "First Construction Fund" Mayis Mammadov, a group of companies which includes built factory, talked about how carefully chosen supplier of the basic equipment. Examined 16 projects from around the world. As a result, the choice fell on the company "Keller HCW Gmbh". 

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