Limiting reactors of the new generation of Transformer

The group of companies "Transformer" has started production and sales of current-limiting dry Directors Series RTST. The plant currently produces reactors rated at 250-1600 A and voltage 3-20 kV. Products are of high electrodynamic resistance, reduce power, compactness and reliability.


RTST "Transformer" — a three-phase current limiting without the magnetic core with windings of aluminum tape impregnated with varnish and heat-treated. Tape technology in combination with the impregnation of windings by the vacuum-pressure electrodynamic provide high resistance equipment. Using tape instead of the multi-wire also allows you to reduce further losses and make the equipment more efficient, more compact and lighter.

New product specialists "Transformers" developed in the course of research and development. As a result, we set up a unique mathematical model of the processes occurring in the tape. This model allows us to calculate the optimal automated version of the reactor for each project, as well as work to reduce additional losses by optimizing the geometry of the cross-section strip and coils. Prototypes and certification tests confirmed the accuracy of this development.

Dry reactors "Transformer" are the products of new generation and are designed to replace the obsolete concrete prototypes, manufactured using the 20-ies of the last century. Compact RTST can be installed in the chambers of a bulky concrete counterparts, and with the escalating number of connections, which is especially important for the reconstruction combined heat and power. In this connection, especially for capital TPP "Transformer" produced standard design solution and created a set of equipment which allows in the reconstruction of the station to increase the number of connections without changing its construction part. This project has already been implemented by TEC-23 and TEC-9 in Moscow.

In addition to the CHP consumers limiting reactors are generating station thermal power plants, power plant, power plant, FES, WEC, switching stations, power grids, large industrial plants, energy-intensive infrastructure. Reactors protect expensive electrical short circuit outages and maintain voltage sufficient to operate auxiliary equipment. Because consumers have high reliability requirements of current limiting reactors.

Many years of experience in manufacturing and supply of dry-type transformer windings with tape, as well as for R & D have enabled the company "Transformer" to produce highly reliable dry reactors that meet customer expectations and requirements of the operating organizations.

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