Limousine for the president. New images

Russian internet portal stopped accepting work for the competition "Car for president" — everyone was asked to draw a machine that could in the future become the main means of transport for VIP-persons.

In total, about 120 were sent to work, including from abroad (we now represent only some of them). Soon, all the work will be reviewed by experts, and that will make their verdict.

Recall that there is now a so-called project "Motorcade", which envisages the creation of not only a brand new car for the president, but also a number of other models. For example, machines for government officials at the ministerial or the governor, as well as a free car for sale to the public. "So we asked the experts ZIL our profile Automobile Institute U.S., the company" Marussia Motors "to work out options for a class car, in which the budget and will be involved, and the private investor will be profitable to invest their money," — said recently the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis MANTUROV.

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