Liner and Boomerang


(Note, the picture is used to illustrate the article is an estimate only view APC "sleeve")

Recently there has been information activity around the mysterious "unified platform Boomerang". Apparently, people are pretty poor understanding of what it is, so are born fantastic versions that point of buying Italian light armored cars "Lynx" is precisely the use of "technology and components" "Lynx" in the construction of the "Boomerang" … dared to do a little analysis about the future describing the car as well as a bit of information to ponder. But so far no pictures and even more photos of the machine is not, we’ll just have to wait. How much? You will learn in this article.


BTR-90, shown to the public in 1994, was brought very long time and was formally adopted in 2008, but did not mass-produced. The army refused to "Sprout", and informal rejection of APC occurred shortly after his "adopting".

The reason — a design flaw, since the classical scheme of the Soviet BTR with the engine at the rear and landing, dismount into the side hatches. The fact that the suit of the Soviet and Russian military GABTU until recently (before significant military reforms of the current manual), no longer suited to modern conditions.

But there was an attempt to solve the problem a little blood, it was mentioned in an interview with Sergei Suvorov, representative of the "military-industrial complex", in 2008. It was installed in the BTR-90 engine UTD-32 of BMP-3. This very compact and flat engine when installed in overall housing BTR-90 can give a unique opportunity — three outs for landing two standard side hatch and stern, with a "tunnel" over the engine (like the BMP-3 and BMD). Well, in addition to the roof hatches.

Unfortunately, further information (and any images) about this "remotorizirovannom" BTR-90 no.

Actually after that begins the story of "sleeves". For the first time on the new APC based on the BTR-90 spoke to the media in 2010, with reference to the AMA. APC is mentioned in passing that in the annual report of the plant in 2009. But even earlier, in 2008, the same S. Suvorov mentioned the brand new APC with a yield of fodder troops are not "remotorizirovannym" BTR-90.

What is reported by the media about the new armored vehicle?

According to the source, armored personnel carriers of the "sleeve" is a modification of the production of armored vehicles AMZ, known under the name BTR-90.

BTR-90 in 2008 successfully passed the acceptance tests of the Defense Ministry, but the troops are reasons beyond the control of the enterprise received only a few samples of the new type of APC.

According to the AMA, the main design feature of the new APC is that the landing party will be able to disembark from the rear of the armored vehicles, and not from the side. In the APC series offers place a machine gun, gun, grenade launcher and ATGM (double shot which increases the armor piercing 2 times). The maneuverability of armored personnel carriers of the new project should be substantially increased, although the total mass of the APC is 24 tons, while the average weight of the BTR-80 and BTR-82, depending on the weapon is 12 -15 m


Suggestive view APC "sleeve" made Allocer `th, party resource, based on the drawings of BTR-90 from A. Koschavtseva.

This image was based on this official brochure here:



It can be seen that the whole family was conceived unified machines with full weight up to 24 tons. They are all united with a median chassis-engine, which made it possible to have a full stern ramp for landing in the version of the APC.

But anyway, BTR "sleeve" is also rejected … in favor of a more perfect machine.


For the first time on the "Boomerang" (as well as the "Armata" and "Kurgan-25" and "Typhoon"), the world learned in October 2010 from the pages of the magazine "Red Star" with the words of the Commander in Chief CB Alexander Postnikov. They spoke of some "average type of unified platforms," "with the level of protection BMP" and "designed for operation in difficult terrain and in areas of coastal waters, making raids behind enemy lines, as well as to deal with small-sized (portable) enemy antitank . "

A little later, was to specify: "In order to be transferred to medium armored brigades of the" Boomerang ", the creation of which is currently under development work." Postnikov said that "these machines will be floating."

Finally, for more details on the new platform, said General Manager "VPK" Dmitry Galkin:

Work on the new platform performs entering the military-industrial complex Arzamas Machine-Building Plant. "Now the company’s activities focus on the development work to establish a military wheeled platform, ordered by the Ministry of Defence — said Galkin. — This is the next-generation combat vehicle. "
According to him, the new machine "is not unlike any other modern APCs." "This is not an APC. We call it "Tactical Wheeled Vehicle," because at its base will be created as APCs and infantry fighting vehicles and tanks or heavy gun, "- said the head of the military-industrial complex.
He explained that under the "modernization and upgrading Russian Armed Forces, the Defense Ministry ordered at the same time three types of development work: car wheel — of military-industrial complex, the average caterpillar -" Kurganmashzavod "heavy and tractor-trailer -" Uralvagonzavod. "This ministry tasked with maximum unification of all three cars.
"All these machines can be uniquely unified by CICS (on-board information and control system), aiming systems, communication systems, combat module", — informed the head of the military-industrial complex. Two prototypes wheeled vehicle to be built by the end of 2013, he said.
Galkin said that under the "allowable capacity" plan to use advanced foreign experience in this field. "We are now open in the plan, and where we allow the defense and security of the country, we use those developments that exist in the world," — he said.
The head of the company said that the implemented development projects included in the state armament program until 2020, created a new generation of armored vehicles to be supplied to the army as part of this program.

Given this information and the information about the works on "the sleeve" come to the conclusion that in the DoD embarked on a trul
y maximal unification of combat vehicles, which is a significant advantage — and this is also the reason for the closure of "sleeves" as a more "independent", "non-standardized "system. However, do not discard the fact that the "sleeve" could be out of date as far back as the time of development, based on outdated components (for example, the same engine UTD-32 — because surely their shift for "Boomerang" and "Kurgan-25" has developed a new series engines).

Thus, the average wheeled platform "Boomerang" — is a whole family of Tactical Wheeled Vehicle category average mass. Focusing on the total weight of the family "liner" can assume that this 24 + — t. Machine protection is sure to be modular. Among other things (and probably will be used bronekeramicheskie overhead panel) will be used on the set of achievements and protect light vehicles "Typhon" in the form of grids and RS, which was tested on the BTR-90. This potentially means protection from small caliber artillery in the frontal projection, the side protection from heavy machine guns (new standard — protection against KPVT with 200 meters) from an RPG (at least with monobloc MS) round.
Given that even at the BTR-90 was significantly enhanced, compared to previous models armored personnel carriers, anti-mine protection, we should expect to "Boomerang" has better performance, especially since the recent "military-industrial complex" pays much attention to it and has the experience of such Mine cars as "The Bear" and "The Wolf-M". There is also reason to believe that at least most of the cars will have even seaworthiness and buoyancy — Bonus BTR-90, capable of withstanding sea state up to 3 points, will not let go to waste.

As a result, the machine will be like his ancestor — the carrier will be welded sealed housing, 8×8.

In the family will include wheeled tank — apparently, the development of BO "Octopus-SD", but with the new MSA and possibly a uniform with a gun 2A82 from the tank "Armata". It will look something like this:


At the time, AMW has already made military vehicle about a similar combat power — a modification of the BTR-90M "Bakhcha."


And in the USSR did wheeled tank destroyer "Sting-C":


So marked D.Galkinym "foreign developments" in the form of a wheeled tank Centauro B1, which is rumored to have taken on the MoD tests are not at all for our country and islyuchitelno something unique.

In addition, the family of "Boomerang" should be part of the BMP. In fact, the BTR-90 was also a BMP — or rather KBMP, wheeled infantry fighting vehicle, because, in fact, did not differ on the combat power of the BMP-2.

So BMP "Boomerang" will be something like his ancestor 90go. Of course, with the caveat it will feed out assault, BO will be unified with the "Kurgan-25" brand new apartment complex weapons and so on … And yet:


And, finally, the BTR "Boomerang". The subtlety of their differences from the BMP is that the latter has more firepower. But the APC in the first place should be the one to transport infantry — and preferably more infantrymen than the BMP. This is achieved by the fact that the APC does not need a bulky BMP combat module, which occupies a significant place in the crew compartment.

This is illustrated in this figure (apparently it was some kind of study of the modification of BTR-90):


As you can see, instead of the great tower of the BMP-2 over the fighting compartment with a small base with a remote-operated machine gun. You can control it with the remote rendered, such as the commander of the machine, and it can not be stirred turret crew compartment, and can sit next to the driver-mechanic or with Marines. In the end, released a significant internal volume for more infantrymen, eliminating the need for a separate gunner.

Naturally, wheeled tank, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers — is not the only car in the family. Surely there will be Atlet, and CSV, and sanitary versions and CAO. Unification and modularity allow you to create a variety of modifications with great ease.


We can only dozhdatsya 2013, when we will show the future "Boomerang".

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