Lineup air rifles Izhmeha updated

"Izhevsk Mechanical Plant" (IMZ) has updated range of products.

In December of this year, the company began producing air rifles MP-512, MP-60, MP-61 and MP-651K gun (MP-651KS) with trunks new design.



The trunks of these models were fairly rare for airguns original outer fins. This is especially noticeable on air rifles MP-60 and MP-61, because the stems are more open than in the MP-512, according to the press service of the Izhevsk enterprise.

It should be noted that MR-512 has undergone a significant change as compared with other products, which led to a significant improvement in accuracy of fire, namely:

* Appeared choke (as in the upscale sports weapons), to improve the accuracy of impact and change in shape of grooves — they are polygonal rather than rectangular, which contributed to an increase in the trunk of the resource, its "vitality";
* Muzzle chamfer formed in forging the barrel and then subjected to additional processing also improves the accuracy of fire;
* No external machining barrel after reduction (forging) made it possible to obtain a more stable size of the barrel.

Price products remained at the same level.

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