Lions will encourage SS veterans of the struggle with the Soviet Union

Since April 1, Lviv City Council will payfinancial assistance to former soldiers of the First Division "Galicia"Ukrainian National Army. These units have been set up for the three weeks prior to the victory over Hitler in the devastated at BrodyUkrainian Division of the Waffen SS "Galicia"and other compounds that fought in the German units, transfersRussia Today.

After the war, participating divisions were in a POW camp and eventually many of them emigrated. Less than a thousand soldiers returned to the Soviet Union. Now living in LvivFour veteranDivision "Galicia".

As the InoTV, now they will receive a monthly pension to an additional 1 million hryvnia from the city budget. The initiator of the law became the head of the faction of the city council "Freedom" Markiyan Lopachak. She believes that the Ukrainians have to remember all the fellow countrymen who fought for independence in the different armies.

"Ukrainian division took part in the hostilities in the Second World War. And the Ukrainian division of the Nuremberg verdict in the text there is no mention about their criminal offenses or crimes against humanity, "- commented on his position Lopachak.

However, the decision of the city authorities has undergonesharp criticism of local veterans’ organizations. They think it is obviouspropaganda of fascism.

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