Lipetsk region began testing digital broadcasting.

In Lipetsk region in test mode begins digital broadcasting. This reporterA REGNUMreported on March 26, the press service of the regional administration. 

The first TV in digital format will be able to accept residents of Lipetsk and Eletski areas. Already this year, a package of eight television and three radio channels will be available in almost all the inhabitants of the region. Technical capabilities of the first multiplex can translate nine federal and one regional television channel, and three radio channels.

Experts of Regional Broadcasting Centre began construction of a network of digital television in September 2012. To reach the most remote corners of the area, it was necessary to build, in addition to the four existing radio and television broadcasting stations, 25 more. 13 of them have already been erected. In March included two stations, once the equipment is installed at four. The total cost of the project is 300 million rubles. Funding is from the federal budget in the framework of the development teleradiovescheniya 2015.

Digital television will greatly improve the quality of free broadcast channels. It is assumed that by the end of 2013 the number will rise from 14 to 20. Furthermore, additional features will be available: EPG, Subtitle, Teletext, record programs and deferred viewing. Along with the expansion of digital broadcasting will be reduced analogue. Disclaimer of analog television will begin next year. Now there is a discussion of the preferential sale of special equipment for low-income citizens.

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