Lipetsk: upgrading the city’s hospitals


In Lipetsk, completed the reconstruction of one of the buildings Central Clinical Hospital, which will soon begin work as Primary Vascular Center. It will be provided specialized care to patients with acute cardiovascular disorders.

In Lipetsk region will be a single emergency such patients. It will include located in the cities and regions of the primary vascular centers and regional based Regional Hospital. Upon completion of the reconstruction of patients with acute myocardial infarction, acute stroke are hospitalized in accordance with the diagnosis and severity of the condition in these units, and highly qualified to receive timely assistance. Diagnostic tests will be conducted on the most modern equipment and treatment to comply with federal standards to provide specialized medical care.
The capital repair of the vascular center in 2011 spent 36.2 million rubles from the federal budget. The municipality has allocated an additional 17 million rubles for the installation of an external elevator, building overpasses connecting the two hospital building, renovated third floor of the vascular center.

The purchase of equipment sent 27.8 million of federal and regional funds. Purchased a modern CT scanner and ultrasound machine expert class, the press office of mayor.

Currently, department of cardiology, neurology and critical care work as usual. The difference between what has been and gone — striking. In the summer of the first floor is a vast construction site. Today, the recent renovation resemble a clean, bright and comfortable house corridors.



Today, Mayor Michael Gulevsky visited Lipetsk city children’s hospital number 1 and Vascular Center City Hospital in the 8th district. The first opened the intensive care unit for newborns with extremely low body weight, in the second — there was a brand new CT scanner, ended reconstruction of the premises.

Masha just 9 days. In the department of pathology at Children’s Hospital number one baby and her mother came immediately after the hospital. I Hope this is the first child. The girl heard many unflattering reviews about doctors and modern medicine. But the rumors were not confirmed. Young mother met modern equipment, new house and caring doctors.

Hope Kostyakovskaya: "Very attentive doctors. All the talk, all show. While lying lechimsya "

Intensive care unit for newborns with extremely low birth weight was opened at the beginning of this year. It is designed for kids 6. Equipment of last generation. Ventilators, incubators, special beds for babies. The newborn watch 24 hours a day. Here are able to leave the baby, weighing less than 500 grams. A few years ago about such doctors do not even dreamed of.    

Michael Bulanov, chief physician of the city hospital number 1 in Lipetsk: "I’m in this system have been working for 30 years. Saw a lot of things. What was and what now is, is quite a big difference. Given that the process is not in place. And we have time for them. "

Heart attacks and strokes — the main cause of deaths in the region. Fight for the health of citizens will be in the vascular center. Its placed on the base of the central city hospital. In the past year, the center overhauled. Purchased a new ultrasound machine and the latest CT scanner.    


Michael Gulevsky, Head of Lipetsk: "Today, when you look at the faces of patients and physicians face, the soul rejoices at all today. Because the condition is much better today. Therefore, we will continue, we will continue in 2012, the year. The scope of work is very high. "   


This year, for the modernization of the urban health care system will send 440 million rubles. First on the line is a maternity hospital in the street Papin and child health center. Two thirds of the funds will be spent on the purchase of the most modern medical equipment. 


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