Liquid rocket engine RD-0124 has been successfully tested

Voronezh plant "Chemical Automatics Design Bureau" successfully completed the certification testing RD-0124, Russia’s first liquid-propellant rocket engine, He became the first engine of this type, which passed the acceptance of the interdepartmental commission, said Tuesday’s press service KBKhA.

Oxygen-kerosene engine RD-0124 production KBKhA thrust in vacuum of 30 tons is intended for the third stage of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2-1b" to the orbit spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Russia and Kourou (France) it is modified to be used on the launch vehicle "Angara".

Since 2006, the liquid-fuel rocket engine RD-0124 four run into space as part of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2-1b." Last run was held February 26, 2011 from Plesetsk cosmodrome in: the desired orbit was a new spacecraft "Glonass-K" representing the third generation of Russian navigation satellites.

"In the test facility KBKhA held last start at the shooting bench liquid rocket engine (LRE — Ed.) RD-0124 program of interdepartmental tests, completing the creation of the engine," — said in a statement.

Total company conducted 225 fire tests of rocket engines with a total running time of more than 55 thousand seconds.

According to chief designer Vladimir KBKhA Rachuk, during a series of interagency fire test engine RD-0124 has shown its efficiency and reliability in different modes, component ratio and fuel rods in various ranges, including exceeding the performance requirements. Now the main task is to manufacture KBKhA regular copies of the new rocket engines for delivery in Samara State Research and Production Space Rocket Center "Progress Samara Space Center."

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