Liquid thermal insulation CORUND, the latest development of Volgograd scientists


INTERVIEWER: And that’s liquid thermal insulation CORUND, the latest development of Volgograd scientists, nothing in appearance from the usual colors are not different. But acting as a thermal barrier, competing with traditional heaters type of mineral wool or polyurethane foam. It is clear that such material should not be overlooked anyone who is thinking how to make your home energy efficient facade.

CORR.: Last year, the owner of a car service from Volgograd Alex Okhapkin decided to save on heating and insulate the facade workshop. The whole process took a few hours. it was enough to put on a layer of heat-foam block the paint is not thicker than a millimeter.

Alexei Okhapkin, owner of auto-service: It’s literally been done in half a day. It suffered only one layer. There is gone, let’s say, about 7 buckets of corundum. If in terms of money — it’s somewhere in the material, well, let’s say, about 40,000 rubles. In comparison — if, for example, do it now and put the crate vented insulation, siding sheathing — it will be much more expensive, much longer.CORR.: Convince employers of the merits of thermal paint was not necessary. In Volgograd, she covered dozens of kilometers of piping hot water. Compared with mineral wool, which for decades was wrapped pipes, reaching the ground, the heat loss decreased by 60%. Owners of apartments say they feel the economy in their wallets.

Ilya Yudin, Technical Director of the Volgograd Innovation Resource Centre: We conducted its own survey of residents who use these services here. They celebrate not only improve the efficiency — the efficiency of heating, hot water efficiency, plus another point decline, respectively, payments due to the fact that the boiler room — she does not need to work on excess capacity.

CORR.: Across the city through savings in the millions, have declared to us in the management of the Volgograd utilities.

MOKOVCHENKO Alexander, head of the MUP "Volgkomhoz": For technical qualities we do not concede, and in many ways superior insulation Ursa. Therefore, the management decided to implement this material and its use in the utilities sector.

CORR.: Invented and produce thermal paint in the Volgograd regional innovation center. The first experiments with nanotechnology began there in 2000. Today, production reached 35 tons per shift. Technology of production involves several steps. First, the laboratory achieved the maximum proportion of mixing. Then, in an industrial environment using special equipment made special sphere-pellets — the basis of thermal paint.

Robert Sahakian, director of construction firm: It is water and acrylic, and well, some of our secrets. Ceramic sphere itself — it is absolutely harmless, because it’s just a ceramic hollow ball inside which a vacuum.

CORR.: That is actually applied to the wall with acrylic paint ceramic microsphere and vacuum inside. In this case, there is a slight odor of ammonia, but only the first 10-15 minutes.

Market wonderful colors in Russia is developing very rapidly. And the center of Volgograd — is not the only player on it. For example, the query "heat-saving paint" search engine "Yandex" produces 131,000 responses, offering both domestic and foreign materials. Well, as the prospects for this business are directly linked with the growth rates for electricity and gas: what it is, the supply and demand for more energy-efficient technologies.

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