Livestock Chechnya on a new stage of development

In Chechnya, an increase in the number of cattle. As the director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture CR-Wah Haji Kastoev, in April of this year, the number of cattle farms of all categories was 223 000 513 heads, an increase of 0.6% compared to 2012. Of that number is nearly youngsters 115,000 heads. The number of sheep and goats was about 211 thousand.

According to him, the republic imported a large number of cattle, which has affected the reduction of the price of meat.

"Unlike other products imported price of meat has dropped to 220 rubles. The reason for this was the decrease in wholesale purchase price from the previous 205 rubles to 180 rubles. This is due to the fact that the region is imported a lot of cattle in private. In addition, after wintering cattle moved to grass and therefore this is reflected in lower costs for maintenance. In contrast to the winter period, when due to abnormal weather conditions last year were lost because of incessant rains feed in some areas and drought in others at the same time, the cost of imported feed reached 11,000 rubles per ton. Respectively, and increased cost of meat "- said W.-H. Kastoev.

He also said that to improve livestock breeding stock for the federal program last year in the Republic of Voronezh, Belgorod and Krasnodar regions were introduced in 1100 heifers Black and White and red-and-white breed. They were assigned to state farms "Germenchuksky", "Tsentaroevsky", "Ordzhonikidze", "Nizam", "Ilskhan-Yurt" and "Avturinsky."

For the future of breeding their own cattle breeding stock in the former plemobedineniya "Gikalovsky" is the construction and rehabilitation of war-torn workrooms, laboratories and farms.

Special pride in livestock is increasing herd of yaks, which are bred in the wild.

"These animals were imported during the years of the Soviet Union. But over the past wars were almost completely exterminated. In order to restore yak three years ago in the mountains of Vedeno district brought a hundred cows. They were well adapted to local conditions. Now the number is 167 goals. It could be more, if not for the damage done by wolves and bears, "- said W.-H. Kastoev.

The structure of the Czech agriculture has more than 160 agricultural enterprises, 30 enterprises of food and processing industries. In agriculture employs more than nine thousand people, of which more than eight thousand — in agriculture.

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