Livestock complex was built in the village Novoletniki Zima district of Irkutsk region


The first stage of breeding complex "Novoletniki" SEC "Oka" put into operation these days. Home Farm is designed for the maintenance of 369 dairy cows.

Less than a year Novoletniki in the village, located 40 km from the town of Winters, was up new livestock complex.

— This dairy unit, — says Director General of SEC "Oka" Vladimir Voloshin — designed for the maintenance of one thousand cows. It will consist of three barns, milking parlors, two calf-houses, maternity shops and sites for older calves. While the first line of one case and the milking parlor. Full completion is scheduled for the end of 2014. The total cost of the project — 506 million rubles. Currently disbursed 177 million These funds purchased animals, machinery and equipment.

Technology of animals in the new complex as a new — Loose. Cows here contain groups in the pits. Stern has a table in the room, milking — in the hall on a modern, computerized systems.

— This method, — stressed Vladimir Voloshin — makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of labor in the production of milk. Thus, the service first 369 cows will carry only two milkmaids, more precisely, the operators of machine milking. All in all, to work on the animal farm take no more than 25 people. To compare — on the same farm with a traditional safety harness livestock requires personnel at least 55 people.

This investment, according to the head of the cooperative, provides not only the construction of barns, ancillary facilities and the purchase of animals, but also the purchase of agricultural equipment for harvesting and preparation of feed.

— Loose livestock breeding is used only in case of the dairy herd enough complete feed, the use of modern machinery and equipment — continues Vladimir Trofimovich. — Part of the technology, we have already bought: tractors, tillage machine, seeder, corn planter, forage harvesters, other equipment. To provide fodder apply new technology: previously used continuous silage, haylage now go on. With the prospect of an increase in dairy cattle since this year we have increased the acreage of forage crops on 2 hectares.

The purpose of this investprekta, according to Vladimir Voloshin — embroadening in SEC "Oka" herd of dairy cattle and increased milk production. Under the program, developed by the company, by the end of 2014 the number of dairy cows will increase from the current 1280 to 2.5 million heads, and increase annual milk production to 13 million tons.

A similar scheme will develop dairy complex on 400 cows in the village Tihorut Kuitun area, which belongs to the same investment project.

It should be emphasized that the acquisition of animals, machinery and equipment in the project, in terms of money spent, 50% recovered from the regional budget, which, of course, a positive impact on the development of agricultural enterprises.

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