Livestock production in the Orenburg region: the number of breeding cows increased by 83.3%

In the Orenburg region in the four years of implementation of the regional program "Development of beef cattle in 2009 to 2012." herd of beef cattle increased by 59.6%, including specialized beef by 38%. Number of cows increased by 34.3%, including the tribal 83.3%.

The acquisition of pedigree cattle beef breed has increased by 3.3 times, and for four years was 8,483 thousand. Gross production of beef from beef cattle live weight increased by 3.1 times over the period of the program amounted to 35.6 thousand tons.

As of March 1, 2013 the number of beef cattle in the Orenburg region was 112.2 thousand units (100% of the target indicator), including crossbred herd 15.2 thousand (64.1%), specialized beef — 97 thousand heads (109.6%). The number of cows increased to 40.3 thousand (119.6%), including 11 tribal thousand (115.8%). Acquired pedigree cattle beef breeds — 2,678 thousand units (206%). Gross production of beef from beef cattle, live weight increased to 13 tons (100%). In 100 cows received 87 calves (100%).

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