Livestock Ukraine increases performance

As of May 1, number of cattle in Ukraine increased by 3.2%. Moreover, the rise was due to households where the number of cattle increased by 5%. To achieve this result was due to the complex of government support programs, noted in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. 

In addition, the positive dynamics of the industry and demonstrates the pig. According to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, 4 months of 2013 the number of pigs increased by 4%.

"It is important that the dynamics of growth in livestock, which has been achieved in the past year, entrenched in the current year. Thus, as of 1 May in Ukraine livestock population has increased by nearly 167 thousand units, or 3.2%, compared with last year. However, the livestock industry has not only economic, but also social value. Therefore, the state continues to financial support programs in the livestock sector is small-scale production. And as a result — the main population growth takes place in private households — by 5% compared to the same period in 2012, "- said N.Prisyazhnyuk.

He added that on the 1st of May in all categories of farms, there were 5.3 million head of cattle. And in households, in particular, the number of cattle was 3.8 million head.

"Not only are dairy cattle shows high results. After all, the number of pigs is also growing. So, on the 1st of May in all categories of farms, there were 7.8 million hogs, down 4% compared to last year ", — added N.Prisyazhnyuk.

He recalled that in 2013, continuing the payment of grants for the preservation and maintenance of young cattle. Also, the state reimburses the cost of purchasing milking machines villagers who keep the farm three or more cows. In addition, in 2013 the state began paying subsidies for meat processing plants deposited by cattle.

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