LLP «» offers new services

Service-188 information service, which provides help, service and consulting services to the public in March 2013 with the continued active development of software with which you can choose the most rational solution to problems posed by the client.  Also, the service was able to organize 188 Call Center to outsource to more than 10 companies. This enabled them in a short period of time to expand the list of services and open up additional opportunities for the development of a successful business.
Service-Information Service 188 was founded in 2004 and quickly became the market leader in Almaty to provide services to the population in search of various background information, such as phone numbers and addresses of various companies and individuals. Offered by the system in the Call Center Outsourcing — a new word in the IT market, this system allows you to process a large number of phone calls in real time. Today, without such a center can not exist any large company, it can be used to organize customer contacts with the function of receiving applications, telephone sales, and sms-mailing advertising. This system allows you to organize a "hotline" to receive incoming phone calls. In today’s world, such a center is able to radically change the entire system of business relationships with customers.
Service-188 information service is constantly improving its technical base, improves the quality of work and services. The company provides highly trained specialists that can efficiently and in a well-defined time to perform the work assigned to them. The company is responsible for the final result, using the work of the only proven and tested program.
"Our service-information service is well known in Kazakhstan. We have extensive experience in the provision of reference, service and consulting services to the public, we provide 24 hours a day. That is why we have decided to organize a number of additional services, one of which was a system in Call Center outsourcing. We hope that such centers will be in demand by many companies, "- said General Director of LLC« »Bektursynova Tolkyn Sakenovna.
Information about the company:
LLP «» provides telephone directory,
Service and consultancy services to the public, and organizes Call — centers in outsourcing, allowing any company to bring the work of the current level. Software development — one of the many services provided by a service-information service. Details of the LLP «» can be found at

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