Loading tanks

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What to do with our military equipment written off? Naturally, all for parts. But it happens that sometimes this same technique of buying back some of the country.

For example, our tanks T-62M1.

To start taking the old, rusty tanks, pick up whole heap of other equipment of similar tanks (or already dismantled, warehouse) and prepare for painting. By the way, some cars are taken from storage. So they, too, are preparing for a long time (for example, there litol barrel fills up.) 
All Tanchiki disassemble, clean, wash, brush, paint the outside and inside. Then reassembled, put whole outfit. 
Then sent to the run-in, check how the gun. By the way, for this purpose it is inserted blank cartridge in the barrel filled 10 buckets of water and caulk a log. Bubuh, gun recoil normal. It looks better than this shot. 

That’s it look ready for shipment tanchiki. Before sending them to remove all attachments (trim boards, barrels of additional fuel, all there outside the glove box, OPVT pipes, etc.), unwrap the gun back.
All the stuff from the machines (including spare parts, tools and akkamulyatorov) goes in the boxes together with the composition of a freight car. One such box can weigh up to 700kilogramm, a box will ship for 15 people ….

Tanchiki waiting for all my fellow on-ramp.

Before loading in anticipation of locomotive with wagons held safety briefings.

Cars and drove them to the queue of machines

First off.
Zampoteh helps the driver-mechanic put the car properly. The tank did not differ from the tractor, except that the tower with a gun and that goes faster … Although, this is the current 80-heel and 90 are driven, 62 matches and 55-heel are simply unmanageable cows.

Tank arrives at the first platform. To him immediately fled the mourners, with bars, hammers …

All tracks on the right and left, front and rear mounted spurs. Installed, the tank slightly leaned forward, and all spur tightly eats into the wooden floor of the car.

Ruler vymeryat overhang the tank to a millimeter. Everything is exactly as in the pharmacy. 

Between rollers (wheels of a tank) put protivootkaty 

zakremplyayutsya and staples. 

At the gun snapped up in several layers of wire and tie it to the bracket on the car

then conscripts (required them) twist wire scrap, making the tension. 

Position of the machine are marked with paint on the car.

Hung plaque marking the center of gravity (+) and some more notation.

In the "salon" spun off master switch wire. All the equipment inside the sealed covers and seal.

Meanwhile, with the remaining fuel tank is drained and re-filled exactly 10 liters. 

In the tank within three tank — front and two to the right of the driver. To drain the fuel they need to crawl under the tank, unscrew the hatch there. For hatches a secret hole into which is screwed fitting that lifts the check ball itoplivo pour begins. Very lucky, when the ball is.

The author once Võlli not less than 20 liters of fuel, when he unscrewed the hatch, and the bead lock in the tank was not there, I had to touch fitting look for a hole …. Was all wet and smelled of diesel fuel a week))

Close and seal all hatches. 

And so every Tanchiki separately. Then it all goes to the port of unknown ways. 

The port tanchiki and others went to unload the equipment of cars. 

Then again cling crane tanchiki 

and up to a great height …. 
Tank in a stripped state weighs about 35 tons. 

And the way to the bottom parahoda. Completely fill the boat equipment and sent to the appropriate country.

By the way, while I served, such as coherenc
e in loading / unloading equipment is not seen anywhere else in the army. Everyone is engaged only in the business: some harassed, others are fused, the third oplombirovyvayut etc. 
1 car takes about 15 minutes for everything. 

When the Japanese priehzhali us they were shocked by how the 8 hours we loaded, secured, cleaned of debris and sent 35 cars with boxes of butt. According to them, they have a pass for 2-3 days.

And the proceeds from the sale of written-off vehicles to our car parts come new 80-heel and 90s. Come often enough, he had seen.
So that our army is not in decline. Do not look at the individual parts that bad.


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