Locomotive: Introducing opponent: FC Rostov

His second match Lokomotiv hold on the road — in Rostov-on-Don. The match promises to be very interesting — and then the relationship interesting statistics, and coach in Rostov is no stranger to us, and the first matches of the teams did not respond fully to the question what will be the team this season. [Cut] [b] Coach [/ b] Oleg Dolmatov works with Rostov and a half years — from July 2007. As we remember, and Oleg was our head coach, taking the place after the dismissal of muslin. Particularly successful is difficult to name the time — but by the third place, he brought us all the same, for which he, of course, thank you. In general, about Dolmatovo-trainer we know a great deal, and that his breakthrough with CSKA Moscow, and more or less successful work with Shinnik at first .. So take a look at his work in Rostov. Last season, Rostov hanging around in the first league, which he successfully won by typing in 42 games, 96 points (29 wins, 9 draws, 4 losses. Goals scored-conceded 78-29). For such a successful performance Oleg Dolmatovo even the title of "Honored coach of Russia" was given. In his last interview with Oleg Dolmatov lamented that "play ensemble players" have failed — some injured, others simply ignored the gathering. There was a lot of new players, so strum connection Rostov plans directly in the course of the season. [B] Players [/ b] Unlike Khimki, which after last year did not really left who are experienced players in Rostov such rife. Goalie line Mandrykin-Gerus may envy of most clubs premerki. In the line of defense is good Czech Lengyel. In midfield, a host of players who are experienced — Astafev Kulchiy, aspen, and Gatskan Petrovich. In the attack, there are three players — Lebedenco, Hong and Akhmetovich. On the first, I think, do not have much to say — had seen in his time. The second and all grabbed a red card in the first leg, but the third is a concern. He even looks like Ibrahimovic. Football manners and style of play also say that Zlatan is the main idol of the Bosnian striker FC Rostov :) It is also worth noting and Dmitri Akimov, who in recent years nazabival in the first division so much that just one wonders why it has not pay attention Premier League teams. [B] Season [/ b] Again, unlike Khimki, Rostov his fans in test matches was not pleased. There were three training camps. Two matches at the first camp in Turkey, two in the second to Israel, and three on the last — again in Turkey. "Rostov" — "Khazar-Lankaran" (Azerbaijan) — 0-1 "Rostov" — "Zagreb" (Croatia) — 1:1 (Slivich) "Rostov" — Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) — 2:2 (Ushenin, Osivnov ( pen.)) "Rostov" — Maccabi (Tel Aviv) — 2:2 (Lebedenco-2) "Rostov" — "Saturn" — 2:1 (Astafev Gatskan (p.)) "Rostov" — "SKA- Energy "- 0:1" Rostov "-" Spartacus "0:2 Just one victory over not enough stars in the sky Saturn — enough for the club, claiming a place in the Premier League. And, Rostov passed in every test match, even from a very weak opponents. Composition Dolmatov shuffled reluctantly — the backbone of playing almost every game. Truth and replacements were many — players last year behind me potential recruits, most of which, however, never came to court. [B] The first match [/ b] I was able to watch the first game of sketchy Rostov in the new season, against Amkar. Of course, from Perm inhabitants all play hard — three coaches were replaced, three years have passed, and Amkar played into the same well-organized, impenetrable game. Yet Rostov looked from time to time, even preferable Amkar. Up until .. removal as part of Perm. I do not know why, but after the removal of a part of rivals, Rostov actually dispersed. We Amkar were held fast and very sharp attack. Even a pair of goals scored, the truth will not count because of apparent violations. Perhaps our future opponents are simply not enough for the entire match entirely. And that we will be very hands on. I liked two of Rostov player — P. and Akhmetovich. They are quite seriously aggravate the situation at the gate Amkar. A few times just a great game Narubina Amkar saved from the goal. But the tactics used to determine the Rostov did not succeed. Very much it was like a blunt hit-and-run :) The match, by the way, if anyone knows, ended with the score 0:0 [b] Waiting for the match Lokomotiv-Rostov [/ b] I did not write anything about the game with Khimki. In the first round could happen anywhere, but still some information about Locomotive 2009 we still got it. The match in Rostov promises to be very significant in the sense that tells us that in the match against Khimki was an accident, but that rule. It was after this game and I’ll make the first conclusions. In fact, by the gate of Rostov will be created numerous chances, I almost have no doubt, after all, and a field in the south to be much better, and the players we did not last in the country. And here’s how we will implement its moments, it’s certainly a serious matter. As well as whether to continue the randomness that we observed in the performance of the standard provisions Khimki. And one more thing. Not important, but essential. Rostov did not win at Lokomotiv never for the duration of the championship of Russia. And really want to keep this great tradition was continued and this Sunday.

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