Locomotive Knight with the German diesel engine went to test drive

Experts Bryansk Engineering Plant started performance testing of the main freight locomotive with asynchronous drive 2TE25A-001, which is equipped with a diesel engine 20V4000R43 company MTU (Germany). 

The central part of the test will be the 5,000-mile test run that locomotive passes under the supervision of experts of the organizations that took part in its creation — MTU, VNIKTI and BMZ. The basis for the test elected depot Bryansk-Lgovskii (Moscow Railway). July 6, 2012 the composition of the locomotive weighing 6,000 tons went to the first trip on the route Bryansk — Gomel (Belarus) — Bryansk.

Locomotive built by BMZ, based on the locomotive 2TE25A "Knight". From the basic model it is different powerplant and related units. Dvadtsatitsilindrovy 2TE25A engine has a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders at an angle of 90 degrees. This is a four-stroke machine, equipped with turbonagrevatelem. Rated power of 2700 kW (3672 hp) diesel engine develops at 1800 rpm. Specific fuel consumption at the same time is 194-208 grams per kilowatt-hour. Uses maintenance-free capacitor start SaPoS system, developed at MTU. Also, for cooling a diesel engine is used instead of water and antifreeze, which increases resistance to engine operation at low temperatures. 2TE25A equipped with independent heater «Webasto» to maintain the optimum temperature heat-transfer agent before starting. The new locomotive is equipped with a microprocessor control system and diagnostics, as well as a complex of locomotive safety devices.

May 31, 2012 in the framework of which took place in Sochi Business Forum "Partnership 1520", ZAO "Transmashholding" and JSC "Russian Railways" signed a contract to supply 10 articulated mainline freight locomotives 2TE25A.

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