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With the honor, but WITHOUT CONSCIENCE

There was an incident, wrote about him in the papers. At the stop trolley-bus driver did not see in the side view mirror of a girl exiting prematurely closed the door and drove off. Hearing the cries of the passengers, he immediately stopped the car and ran outside. The girl was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. The same day, the driver, the father of two young children, hanged himself.
He did not see the girl hesitated. But he laid the blame for the incident solely on themselves. Because the answer is not so much to the judges as to the conscience.

The other day, Mr. Gorbachev, the first and last president of the USSR, subjected stinging criticism of Vladimir Putin’s "destructive and hopeless way" executive domination and monopolized economy. He called for a new restructuring of Russia’s political system.

It is as if a drunk driver crashed his car, and then when others collected it in parts, and finally wound up, offered to repeat the maneuver, shouting at the Masters, which, they say, do not fix it.

The man derailed their own country, in advance of jumping into a soft locomotive crew zabugornyh honors. He did it intentionally or unknowingly — the essence does not change. At these altitudes, the error is equal to the crime.

The fact that he now imposes a merit — openness, freedom for Eastern Europe, relaxation, reduction of arms — it’s not for us. It is for external consumption. And for us — the collapse of the country’s impoverished population, the destruction of the army, industry, the financial system of morality, the actual loss of sovereignty, eerie geopolitical losses oligarchy.

And all of these seemingly irreparable loss, overcoming the resistance of the wild, both outside and inside, trying to compensate for the current leader. Something turns out, some do not, but we see stronger defense shield, as he raises his head after the science, the industry is harder than the voice of the country in the world. Painful, difficult, faulting. Russia has again become Russia, not Raschke, not a scoop.

Gorbachev ruins left him, and now peresidev troubled times in the fund’s own behalf, again found his voice and began to point to Putin, as the restore, speed, rebuild, he himself destroyed. The scene worthy of ancient Greek drama. Or kabuki. In any case, no impurity dishonesty. Mask.

"If nothing, he passes for a philosopher," — says the Latin proverb. And the Russian nation has its own introduction, "says casual, but not casual listens." That’s Mr. Gorbachev, whether casual, or indeed of unexpectedly excite dobrohotstva, expressed a terrible thing, and, on the one hand, and the simple — on the other, and perhaps inspired by the Russian fans like Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The old templates, he proposed redrawing of the political system is. As if it alone "dog dug." Economic achievements in the emphasis he does not see. And the fact that the debts paid off, which he also scored, and thus avoided the financial trap. And the fact that the economic growth rate exceeded any other European country. And the fact that the crisis in Russia is not as bad as in the West. And the industry is alive. Pridushayut corruption. Wages are rising. Pensions.

That’s the point. Who benefits? .. A profitable? .. That’s all it is to slow down, and it is necessary to destroy the rigid political framework that is capable of and one in the storms of the global financial crisis to keep the country afloat. It is not perfect, it is likely temporary, but the touch is now a political system that offers the author of the idea — and everything will fall apart, as if the very Gorbachev. What is needed now is the time. Against the backdrop of a blazing-Middle East and the global banking earthquake.

But for such an initiative it is not that another Nobel Prize vsuchat, the Mausoleum at otgrohat living somewhere in London or Washington. Here it is advertising "Pizza Hut" will not get off. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks intend to make a feature film about our hero. This is so, in the form of presents. That all knew … Still no coincidence idea of neo-perestroika got strong approval from our liberal intelligentsia.

Mikhail Gorbachev. Him a little on the ruins of the Soviet Union to fashion gangster capitalism. He wants to ruin Russia. There was no one to ask: where were you when you chose Homeland their shepherd?

As they used to say all the same ancient Romans: "Destiny is never satisfied with what hurts only once …"

You ask: what’s the trolley-bus driver, who hanged himself, unable to endure the blame for the broken leg strange girl?

I do not think to ask.

And so everything is clear.

Dmitry Kashin
"Remember Russia"

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