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"Aeroflot" has registered its loukostera — the company "Dobrolet"

10.10.2013 12:25

One hundred percent "daughter" of "Aeroflot" may begin as early as 2014, it is necessary to amend the legislation on air transport. Loukostera route network will include destinations with the highest passenger traffic in its fleet will include eight new aircraft.

  • Aeroflot inscription in one of the buildings owned by JSC "Aeroflot", Archival photo
  • Aeroflot inscription in one of the buildings owned by JSC "Aeroflot", Archival photo

MOSCOW, Oct. 10 — Prime. "Aeroflot" has registered as a legal entity, a company loukostera — "Dobrolet", the message carrier.

Loukostera registered in the form of LLC. "Aeroflot" owns 100% of its shares.Deputy Transport Minister Valery Okulov said earlier that the pre-flight network loukostera "Aeroflot" will include the areas with the largest flow of people — for example, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Samara, Yekaterinburg. The head of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Saveliev reported that loukostera receive eight new aircraft — it will either Boeing-737 or Airbus-320. On the creation of loukostera "Aeroflot" will allocate funds in 2013, and will also provide additional funding in the next.

Loukostera "Aeroflot" could begin as early as 2014. However, for the implementation of the model of the Russian loukostera must also amend the existing legislation. It is about the resolution to sell non-refundable ticket, charge a fee for baggage, not to feed passengers and hire foreign pilots.

As the "Aeroflot" created his loukostera

The base of the new airport, the carrier will become the "Sheremetyevo", and the first lines — routes from Moscow and St. Petersburg in the largest cities of Russia, experts say. Plans for the creation of his loukostera also spoke of another Russian airline "UTair". The intense competition between loukostera while analysts do not expect. Read more details in the material"Loukostera" Aeroflot "Made in Russia".

What are the low-cost carriers already operating in Russia

  • Sale of tickets
  • Sale of tickets

In July the Federal Air Transport Agency issued on Wizz Air all the necessary permits to operate flights from Budapest to Moscow. The first flight is scheduled for September 23. Flights company will perform at the airport "Vnukovo". This opportunity came after the bankruptcy of Wizz Air Hungarian airline Malev, the Russian side is the designated carrier of JSC "Aeroflot".

Last year, the British EasyJet has won the tender for the right to start passenger services between London and Moscow on flights, empty after the elimination British airline bmi. Flights are operated from London City Airport "Gatwick" in Moscow airport "Domodedovo".

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