Love and sex in American schools.

How pleasant it is to dream about the exciting romantic adventure when you go on holiday abroad. Who has not imagined himself lying in the sun some hot country, surrounded by a dark-skinned white-toothed beauties or pretty girls in bikinis. And all the while our dreams fine, fun and easy. But if you go to another country is not on the mesyachishko, and for a few years? Going to live and study in a completely strange people and have no idea there, on another continent are the relations between a man and a woman.

It just seems to be in love people in all countries are the same, as you will understand, that he was in a different world, you begin to yearn for such native, simple and sweet Russian guys. I spent four years in New York, and only at the end of the beginning a little bit to understand how it decided to approach the most difficult area of human emotions. But unfortunately, he realized I did not used to there the stereotypes that shocked me a lot, and continues to shock to this day. The fact is that to understand the absurdity of the American scenario, you can only compare it with ours. Probably, and at home in the courtship is not going smoothly, but, at least, the participants do not behave as standard. The American relationship between a man and a woman are different from ours mainly because they lack the romance and spontaneity. All thought, all mutually agreed upon, it was known long before the young couple came into being, so that the strain is not particularly worth trying to revive run-Hollywood circuit more than fifty years ago. But first things first. Usually, the boys and girls begin to "make friends" with the seventh grade, then, of course, there is nothing serious. More binding relationships begin in high school — high school (grades 9-12). It is very easy to meet, there is a special method, using which, like each other man and woman can get in touch. John tells his best friend that he likes Jane, my friend, do not be a fool, says it’s her best friend Jane, that Jane transfers all together with your opinion about John. Jane, good thinking and talking with friends, agrees to talk with John personally. When to reach the outskirts of the notorious John And this good news, he immediately calls Jane, they talk, and finally to please each other, start dating. Good-bye, at least in New York, are as follows: on the weekends girl and a guy for a couple or accompanied by friends, hanging around the streets, shopping, etc. — They "get to know" each other. In the warm days of sitting on the steps of his or her home, holding hands and wash up bones to all the friends and acquaintances. Occasionally go to parties. But about parties need to tell apart. Dinner parties usually arranged by someone who at the moment parents left the house stands empty. The unlucky owner with a sigh gives his family nest to the wolves. As such, there is no strict guest list, rather, was originally invited and about thirty of the thirty plus friends (friends of the owner of the house had ever seen), in the process heap up another thirty people, too little known. At the party, all the newfangled dance to the music, eat potato chips and special sauce poured beer. Again, the party can meet with a guy or make other useful links. Usually the fun ends in failure: the lucky neighbors to call the police and demand to stop the noise at the wrong time, the police arrived in a flash, the owner of a reprimand, sometimes written out fine in the end, all slowly creep away to their homes. But back to the couple. After a few weeks, if not months, festivals and thorough investigation of manners and habits of each other, "love" go to the next step. Man, by its proper setting and time, say, a candlelight dinner, gives the girl some garbage like woven bracelets and offers to become his official girlfriend (girlfriend). The girl agrees, everyone is happy and happy. The perfect ceremony gives the right to be considered an official couple at school, and now none of the girls do not dare to stick to your boyfriend and none of the guys do not come to you. Such is the code of honor. In principle, when the relationship between a man and a woman are shallow, it seems that they are doing well and there are no problems and never will. Indeed, at first glance, the picture is simply idyllic. A couple walks around together, tells everyone how happy they are, for all holidays guy gives gifts — flowers, hearts, friends, happy, teachers are touched, the parents also do not mind. What are some nightly calls with the same "I love you" for dessert. Of course, this is all very nice, especially inexperienced person. But unfortunately, in most cases, there is no love, and great sympathy too often do not. Just received the American teenagers walking in pairs, have a Man, Woman, and the Americans do not like to be exceptions to the rule. Still, not all teenagers beckons described idyll. Many relationships are much tougher — Hollywood and does not smell. Here, it must be said, plays an important role nationality. As you know, America — the land of many nations, well, New York City — even more so. As much as it may sound blasphemous, but the choice of "partner" in New York is similar to selecting a partner for our smaller brothers — everyone reaches for his "rock." This is natural, since the first generation of Americanization, as a rule, does not occur. Young people from Spanish-speaking countries are drawn to the same girls, Chinese women to the Chinese, the Italians for Italians, and Russian, of course, to the Russian. The layer of so-called Americans, people born in America, is also trying to keep within their society. At this point there is a bit of unspoken rules: if I, for example, make friends and communicate with the Russian, then I can walk around and then only Russian guys who, I must say, not very highest order, but if I want to communicate with American guys, my Russian girlfriend will look askance at me, and in general, the relationship can greatly deteriorate. Ironically, the different nationalities each other do not respect. Of course, there is no persecution, malicious attacks, in this respect, all hush-hush. If you talking about and think bad, then do not say it out loud. Just Americans are of the opinion that Russian teenagers are not very smart, dress up in shovels, and no matter how many lived in the country, in English spoken badly. It is sad, but in most cases this is true. A relationship between the Russian man and a woman in the United States are developing along the same lines as in Russia. Young people hang out all the time in his own Russian company, as if out of nowhere and did not leave. Americans are not very constant, so the girls with frightening speed change boyfriends, each next one is not the original previous: continuing the same walk, the same deflating declarations of love, etc. The endless repetition does not make the girl for some reason to think that if the choice is not too successful, then maybe it’s not that "love," in which she stubbornly recognized. In order to break up with a guy, too, uses proven circuit for years. Usually just a couple break up the boredom, when their already dismal relations are simply nauseating and just tucked in a fresh frame, that is the time to throw opostylevshego gentleman. To do this, there is a mass commands respect prepositions, such as: "We are completely different people," or "you infringe upon me as a person," or "you’re too much from me you demand"; also resort to less refined complaints: "My friends do not tolerate you, "" my parents are against the fact that we were together, "" I elementary no time for such a serious relationship.
" The most popular version of the infringement of the individual, as it provides a lot of opportunities to torment a new heart friend. You can walk with views of the proud sufferer, to complain to everyone you meet and cross at the way you are now morally difficult, how hard it was gave you a break with your "ex", and talk to the new chosen one, "As well, darling, that you do not like my ex-boyfriend that you did not you demand from me, you understand me. " Lucky Man, knowing that if he does something require its public school at least a quarter, demands nothing, goes as quiet as a lamb, nothing contradict the girl and hopes only that she will soon throw it as he can not leave her, because then pass for a villain for all eternity. The girl, not only with the honor that got rid of the old, boring boyfriend, has acquired a new, which leads her everywhere, blows away dust and asks nothing in return. All this is due to the rising powers of feminist ideas. The guys in America is gradually transformed into a completely clogged beings who need only utter a word, as they will pour dirt instantly, and even sued. Women everywhere are paying for themselves, so even if you’re not a feminist, and you want the guy to make love with you, he will not do it out of fear. The same guys who have not yet fully become sexless creatures who look and behave like normal men, feminist-minded girl called creeping thing, bullies, etc. "Here he is, a potential rapist!" — They whisper to each other, pointing at a guy whose only fault is that he came in a leather jacket and a motorcycle. Thus, the success enjoyed by the young men in the style unisex, consonants play by the rules established by the American matriarchy. Sense of humor in most American guys are not very well developed, too many jokes do not, can not understand and decide what you want to offend. In general, a male go quite zashugannyh, perhaps with the exception of the so-called "drug addicts." Their party is fairly easy to calculate: usually dressed all in black, with long black hair guys with some bright green streaked, the girls are all too strange, mostly unsympathetic, like transparent blouses, stockings on pristezhke, frankly, does not look like a very fresh ladies of easy behavior. Lifestyles are quite bitchy, if not drugs or booze so do some stuff like worshiping Satan. They often skip classes, etc. Well, it is clear that no feminist laws they do not write. There’s no one behind the other does not look, there’s just go their way and spit on everything and everyone. If we talk about other strange get-togethers, we can not forget our school "THE RAINBOW CLUB" — this "rainbow" club consisted only of gays and lesbians. At first I was shocked by the abundance of sexual minorities in this malopodhodyaschem place like school. Girls masculine form go arm in arm down the hall, immediately boys in blouses delicate colors, with painted lips (very often they are friends with the girls, give them good advice, share experiences). Later on, I got used to them, and how you can not get used to them so much, though considered a minority. Attitudes toward sexual minorities in America deliberately good. All of our teachers are particularly fond of them, promoted the club, and absolutely everyone advised (whichever orientation you may be) do not be afraid to visit him, and if you realize that "it" you like, feel free to follow the dictates of his soul — we will support you . In addition, the "minority" get naimoschneyshuyu support youth magazines and movies. Constantly offered stories about how some fifteen (!) Mary, realizing that she is a lesbian, she went against the wishes of their parents and bigots-sue (!) Their right to it to meet girls. But this is not enough, our school "blue" continually staged loud protests and demonstrations, demanding to be treated as normal people, though, it would seem, and so they all were considered normal nowhere. I got the impression that they want to change the orientation of the all-embracing American citizens. Getting acquainted with me, "blue" guys started talking about their boyfriends, looking curiously at me from under his long eyelashes, clearly expecting that I now have showered them with rotten eggs and I will continue to get a mile. If that did happen, they would have one more reason to hold a demonstration against the moral oppression and harassment. Overall, out of all this I have concluded that minorities in America live a much more frivolous than adolescents with normal orientation. In principle, the average teen sexual activity begins in 17-18 years, but when compared to the previous years, for example with a 80-mi, we can see that the starting age increases. Again, the recent televised show slogan "I am worth waiting for" (I stand to me waiting), who must convince the young and inexperienced girls to resist the entreaties of boyfriends and start having sex as late as possible. In those infamous magazines for girls printed millions of articles that do not have a perfectly normal guy and that guy if you require, you know what, and you do not want, then immediately chase his filthy broom, etc. There are heaps of free societies and psychological counseling for the protection of the rights of girls. In many ways, the cause of commotion was the threat of AIDS, and I must pay tribute to these measures had a positive result. At first I was very amused that schools give out free condoms wishing that special tutorial shows how you can use them, talk about the different kinds of sex, the diseases arising from dishonesty in this area. In general, to intimate relations in high school approached with great caution, and since taken a walk with a guy who is older by no more than two — three years, and then to demand from you something which you yourself do not want, no one will. Perhaps partly so the girls out there all offering themselves to the guys and that is accepted as the norm. Well, in the end, I want to say that most Americans like themselves. On the one hand, this is a good thing, they are very caring for themselves, watching your weight, go to all the doctors, all they have to be perfect — and teeth and hair, and eyes, and a figure. There’s no one could be ugly Shiba then, no one will sparkle zheltozuboy smile or dirty fingernails. Everything is normal, all hunky-dory, everything is ok. But if something threatens to cause inconvenience their precious person, whether it is too "picky" beau or girlfriend, which is always a lot of problems, they immediately get rid of this stimulus — is more expensive. So think before you go to another country, if you are ready for an entirely different system of relations, are you ready to come to terms with the possible lack of understanding for what your future overseas friend says that he can not go with you for a walk, as long as you do not check up on AIDS? Well, if you ready, then go right ahead, at the same America has a lot of advantages, but that’s another story.


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