Low-calorie-RA …

Design engineers of "Intersoft Eurasia", a company which is a resident of Skolkovo, based on their own patents registered in the Public Registry of utility models and industrial designs of the Russian Federation in 2013, developed a prototype of a new line of portable devices radiometer DO-RA for smartphones and tablet computers. The new device uses Bluetooth 4.0 channel for communication with smart phones and computers. Radio channel digital data transmission Bluetooth 4.0, recently introduced in the wireless standards for the latest models of smart phones and other electronic devices, has low power consumption. For what, sharp-tongued developers of "Intersoft Eurasia", called protocol Bluetooth 4.0 — «low-calorie."  

The new prototype DO-RA was another advantage in its class of devices — wireless inductive charging. In the future, with this ergonomic solution, the device can be waterproofed using the touch screen main functions device.

The developed device called DO-RA.Ultra-Blue-GM. Radiation detector, the prototype device model DO-RA.Ultra-Blue-GM, is a standard Geiger-Muller, produced by the domestic industry. This is indicated by the letters GM at the end of an alphabetic index of the device. Applicable counter the most compact in its class, known as the SBM-21-1.

The device of a new type of DO-RA.Ultra-Blue-GM characterized as the next step in the development of portable, multi-platform devices used to identify the hard ionizing gamma and beta radiation from the company of "Intersoft Eurasia." With Bluetooth 4.0 channel our device DO-RA.Ultra-Blue-GM will work with any smartphone that supports the protocol of communication, regardless of the used smartphone operating system. To work with the device must be free on the App Store: Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace, the client program DO-RA for your smartphone. User program DO-RA currently has the function of localization for 23 languages.

For a new generation of devices line DO-RA significantly upgraded software for mobile platforms, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, and desktop systems Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

The project DO-RA developed flagship line of devices, until recently, were the devices primarily adapted for mobile platforms iOS and OS MacOS. But in the near future, all software products, united under the name of DO-RA.Soft will be functionally equivalent to the mobile and desktop platforms as well as the strategy of "Intersoft Eurasia" to date, to develop a universal product indicators of ionizing radiation for the world market.

In addition, following the trends of the market of mobile devices, the company of "Intersoft Eurasia," released an application for tablet computers running the operating system Windows 8.

The updated client applications are available in the official stores of each platform and on-site Intersoft Eurasia http://intersofteurasia.ru "Loading application".

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