Lower-Bureyskaya hydro and Power Machines signed a contract for the

the supply of hydraulic

JSC "Lower Bureyskaya plant" (subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro") and OAO "Power Machines" signed a contract to supply four hydroelectric capacity of 80 MW each for Lower Bureyskaya HPP.

The signing of the contract was preceded by a contest, the winner of which, offering the best technical and economic solution, it became "Power Machines".

In accordance with the terms of the agreement "Power Machines" will design, manufacture and deliver to the customer four sets of hydraulic equipment, each of which includes a Kaplan turbine complete with an automatic control system, hydraulic generator complete with excitation system, and ancillary equipment hydraulic. In addition, the "Power Machines" will take place on the installation of hydroelectric power plant.

Enter the Lower hydroelectric power plant Bureyskaya is planned for the years 2015 -2016. Hydraulic turbine plant will have an environmentally safe construction — cavity of the impeller, which is the mechanism of rotation of the blades will not be filled with oil, which eliminates the possibility of leaks in the water.

Lower-Bureyskaya GES — counterregulator Bureyskaya plant, the second station Bureyskiy hydroelectric complex. The design capacity of the plant — 320 MW (4 hydraulic), the average annual output — 1650 million kWh In addition to generating electricity, an important function of the Lower Bureyskaya plant is uneven alignment within days Bureyskaya discharges from power plants as well as the prevention of flooding of human settlements. Construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant started in 2010, construction of the plant is one of the priority projects of the investment program of JSC "RusHydro".

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