LPI won the tender for the development of light sources based on colloidal quantum dots

 Photo source:radikal.ru

PN Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN) was the winner in the competition for the right to sign with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation government contract to perform exploratory research (R & D) in the Federal Target Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2012".

Scientific research topic — "Efficient light sources based on organic compounds with colloidal quantum dots."

As a result, future work will be the creation of an organic light emitting diode using quantum dots, as well as general theoretical studies of the mechanisms of electroluminescence QD-OLEDs.

 Photo source:radikal.ru

Colloidal quantum dots can be used in the following technology sectors: manufacture of LEDs, flat panel displays, white light sources,
solar batteries, flash memory, flexible electronics, telecommunications in fundamental and applied research in the fields of medicine and biology.

Here are the main features of the new organic LED: the brightness of over 100 cd/m2, the spectral range of 450-720 nm radiation, the size of quantum dots (QD) 2-6 nm, the thickness of the shell QD 0,5-2 nm.

Such competitions Rosii Ministry of Education conducts regularly. They resemble the auction, where the bid stands put up a product from the ministry, and some scientific group can be obtained. But, in contrast to the auction, the winner is determined not by the highest price, but quite the contrary: the project shall be given to the company that will do the work with minimal cost. In addition, the progress of the work will follow a special validator service of the ministry.

Initial amount of funding for the project was 16 million rubles and a half years. Researchers from the LPI has reduced that figure almost doubled, thus winning the contest, the participants of which were still 16 companies.

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