LPZ Segal (Krasnoyarsk) has launched the fifth set of press

June 11 at the Foundry-forging factory "Segal" a ceremonial launch of the fifth press complex.

As part of the launching ceremony of the CEO of the company, "Sial", which includes the plant, Alexander Noschik reported on the ongoing work and development plans of the company, presented samples of manufactured products, outlined the leadership of the city and the region benefits from the introduction of a new press complex.

Bushings of the new production line capacity of 2750 tons of aluminum per month — this is the first phase of the investment program planned by the company until 2017. In the short term, the opening of two complexes of 1400 and 2100 tons.

"Before 2017, we are ready to invest in the modernization of production to 1.5 billion rubles. Already this year the volume of investments in the project will be about 250 million rubles" -said Alexander Noschik.

The event was attended by the Deputy Governor — Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Gnezdilov Andrew, head of Krasnoyarsk Edkham Akbulatov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the region Alexander Klimin, leaders of trade unions and associations, banking, distinguished industrialists of the region.

Addressing a welcoming speech to the participants of the event, Andrew Gnezdilov stressed the importance of this event in the industrial life of the region: "The rate at which develops your production is impressive — over the past year, sales increased from 3 to 3.5 billion rubles. Encouraging that with the launch of a new line of production in the region will be 400 additional high-tech and high-skilled jobs. "

According to the Deputy Governor, on a course of modernization will help to maintain the results achieved, will surely continue to assert itself on domestic and foreign markets.

Congratulating the team of employees with the opening of a new press complex, Edkham Akbulatov said: "The more of these productions, especially for Krasnoyarsk will be better. Because the industry is extremely necessary framework for the development of city-quality infrastructure. More importantly, it creates new modern, high-paying jobs that allow Krasnoyarsk look confidently to the future. "

 June 11, 2013.

For the record

LLC "LPZ" Segal "specializes in the processing of primary aluminum and produces foundry alloys, ingots of wrought alloys, system profiles of aluminum alloys. Main consumers of aluminum profiles is the construction industry, oil and gas, electrical engineering, transport engineering. Krasnoyarsk Territory factory products used the construction and reconstruction of significant industrial and energy, social amenities, culture and sports, the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, river fleet, on construction sites, "Grazhdanstroy" Orphanage Sovmen, the Chocolate Factory "Kraskon" Concert Hall, F / station, the Ice Palace, the Academy of biathlon, etc.

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